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Save time and money by automating data processes

1Spatial solutions automate even the most complex processes for the managementintegration and manipulation of spatial data.

Our enterprise-wide, rules-based approach puts ownership and control firmly in your hands.

The experience and knowledge of your experts is encapsulated in a central set of user-managed rules that are repeatable, objective and consistently applied.

Your experts are therefore freed up to focus on driving innovation and the time and expense of effective data stewardship is dramatically reduced.

Our Capabilities

Data Quality

Define your data quality requirements, check how well your data conforms, and then cost-effectively bring your data up to standard...

Data Quality Data Quality

Data Management

Take cost-effective control of your data throughout its lifecycle. Ensure it meets requirements for accuracy, currency & complianc...

Data Management Data Management

Rules-Based Approach

Our pioneering rules-based approach uses automation to give you power over your data, putting you in control so that you can have ...

Rules-Based Approach Rules-Based Approach

Asset Management

Complete and accurate data is essential for effective asset management. Maximise asset value by investing in the right assets and ...

Asset Management Asset Management


Organisations who deal with 3D data can also benefit from 1Spatial’s automated rules-based approach to data quality, data integrat...

3D 3D


Make data capture as simple and efficient as possible. Getting it right first time is the key to effective data capture.

Field Operations - Mobile Field Operations - Mobile


Producing small scale maps from large scale data doesn’t need to be complex and time-consuming with automatic generalisation.

Generalisation Generalisation

Smart Cities

In our free Little Book of Smart Cities, we explore the growth of the Smart City concept.

Smart Cities Smart Cities

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is the process of digitally planning, designing, constructing, operating and managing built assets in construction and infrast...


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