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Increase your productivity, reduce costs, and increase your output by automating information assurance across the built environment lifecycle

Smarter information management for the built environment can increase asset life, safety, efficiency, liveability, and capacity, it can reduce waste, risk, cost, and carbon. Built environment asset integrity needs data integrity.

Is your information about the built environment fit for purpose?

Information about the built environment lifecycle comes from different sources, is often in different structures such as data, documents, and 3D BIM models; yet they all need to adhere to specified and documented information requirements and rules. Organisations need to procure, receive, store (via a system of record) and present information to perform core business functions across built environment lifecycle activities, and it is absolutely essential that this data is assured through all of these steps. 1Spatial can deliver a positive impact for your organisation by enabling a trusted data foundation, thanks to automated information assurance (verification and validation).

Data, documents, and 3D BIM models gathered for the built environment from Appointing Parties, Lead Appointed Parties and Suppliers needs to be continually managed, checked, and consolidated into a structured data repository, finally making it across the asset owner’s “contract line”. We can help ensure that information sources are checked and reported for quality and adherence to specified information requirements and rules throughout the information management journey and across the built environment lifecycle.

Is it taking too long to check your information?

Manually checking information against specified requirements, manual mapping to documented schemas and challenges with integrating disparate information all contribute to extended delays in making information available to users for asset project and programme management, finance, planning and response and compliance. Automated information management products for extracting information, checking information against requirements using rules, and information integration will make consistent, higher quality information available to your users and stakeholders for business operations and digital transformation sooner.

“Spatial data is pivotal to the Environment Agency’s digital transformation. We are demonstrating how, by defining data requirements and rules in a machine-readable format, data can be generated at source by suppliers, submitted, verified, and validated before being formally accepted. 1Spatial’s data skills are essential to the successful outcome.”

Karen Alford, Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Environment Agency

How we can help

Great things can happen for the built environment with trusted data. Our products and solutions automate information management in a repeatable, consistent, and scalable way.

We’re working with organisations to ensure industry-leading information assurance of the physical built environment, increasing productivity reducing costs and increasing output.

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Our Products and Solutions for the Built Environment


Automated data validation, cleansing, transformation and enhancement for your data.

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1Data Gateway

The self-service web-portal for spatial data validation, processing and analytics.

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The configurable geospatial field survey app to capture data “Right First Time”.

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Powerful 2D & 3D visualisation for infrastructure and building asset management.

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Quickly and easily translate data into hundreds of different formats. Restructure, reformat and integrate your data.

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VertiGIS Studio

Accomplish even more with Esri’s ArcGIS®

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Case Study

Delivering reliable digital data and information management for EA's physical flood and coastal defence assets

“1Spatial’s 1Integrate technology and Safe Software’s FME Server technology provides robust asset data and information assurance capabilities, to enable our strategic objectives and further digital transformation.  The automated geoCOBie data assurance processes for collecting, collating, analysing, and sharing data appropriately on asset performance provides us with the insight we need to improve productivity and deliver benefits to society.”

Karen Alford Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Environment Agency

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Watch now: The Road to Smarter Asset Information Assurance Webinar

Learn how to improve your asset information journey with Nicola Pearson from the Government and Industry Interoperability Group, Emma Walker from the Environment Agency and 1Spatial's Adrian Porter. Watch the webinar on demand to learn more and hear EA's approach to asset information management.

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