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Smarter data supports faster response

Railway operations rely on information being shared between track operators and rolling stock companies. Maintenance engineers, emergency services and other partners also require the same, single view of network activity.

Geospatial information, accurate and up-to-date, lies at the core of this common perspective.

But information is often fragmented with departments and agencies holding data of different ages, in different formats and at different levels of accuracy.

Our automated, rules-based solutions for data management help create a single, current and authoritative view of your rail network that all stakeholders can share.

CASE study

1Spatial Underpins Web-based Mapping & Asset Management Solution at Network Rail

One of the UK’s largest infrastructure owners, Network Rail is currently undertaking a five-year £330million transformation programme to improve its approaches to acquisition, storage and usage of asset information.As part of this programme of work, 1Spatial technology will visualise accurate, real time, asset information, which was previously stored in disparate legacy applications.