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Smarter data supports faster response

Railway operations rely on information being shared between track operators and rolling stock companies. Maintenance engineers, emergency services and other partners also require the same, single view of network activity.

Geospatial information, accurate and up-to-date, lies at the core of this common perspective.

But information is often fragmented with departments and agencies holding data of different ages, in different formats and at different levels of accuracy.

Our automated, rules-based solutions for data management help create a single, current and authoritative view of your rail network that all stakeholders can share.

Keeping your data on track

We work with rail and other transport organisations to help create and maintain a single, central source of geospatial truth for their networks.

Accurate, shared data supports more efficient maintenance and engineering works, better asset management and more effective rail-traffic management. And, in an emergency, a shared and up-to-date understanding saves valuable time and, potentially, lives too.

Our solutions dramatically reduce the time and cost of managing an accurate database of location data. We create user-defined, user-managed rules to automate traditionally manual tasks like data validation, cleansing, integration and enhancement.

Data from different sources can be compared and the best bits of each accepted. Where data is incomplete – for example, missing information on asset construction or age – we can even use advanced data inference algorithms to fill the gaps.

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