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Automatically validate your data

Data validation can be a headache. How do you keep your data current without regular updates? How do you validate your updated data? And, how do you continually keep core data both reliable and accessible?

Our automated, rules-based approach validates data at the point of collection, in the field on a mobile device, or before it is accepted into your database.

It prevents bad data polluting the information required for good decisions.

Trust your data

Organizations increasingly rely on spatial data, often accessing it in real time to drive decisions from delivery routes to major investment projects.

When your organization relies on you for reliable data, you need a system that cost-effectively and quickly ensures that the data entering your database conforms with your requirements. Is it accurate, consistent, correct, current and complete?

1Spatial Approach

Our approach allows the user to define and manage rules against which all data is tested. The rules are held in a single, central, technology-neutral repository and can be run against new data on demand.

They can run in the background as a surveyor collects new data on the ground, flagging when new entries don’t conform with the requirement. This enables the data to be checked there and then, without the need for costly re-visits.

The rules can also run on batches of data as they are submitted – but before they are added to your core data.

Data can even be fixed automatically, on the fly, based on the same rules so that good data is quickly integrated, and exceptions flagged for manual review.

Our enterprise-wide, cross-platform automation quickly and cost-effectively protects your core data asset, helping to make your data smarter.

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