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Police Data Quality Hub

Improve location data accuracy and gain confidence in your police force data

In policing spatial data quality is key to day-to-day operational decision making. Incomplete or outdated location data such as address records can lead to inaccurate decision making in terms of police intervention, resource allocations and prevention of crime. Our Police Data Quality Hub enables you to take control of your geospatial data quality, by implementing automated rules, to manage and validate your location data.

Proof of Concept

Avon & Somerset Police Proof of Concept (POC)

Spatial data quality is key to operational decision making in policing. Incomplete or outdated location data (e.g. address records) can affect the speed of evaluation and analysis of a situation. It may also lead to inaccurate decision making, incorrect resource allocation and missed opportunities to prevent crime.


Our range of applications are powered by our rules-engine, 1Integrate, providing a no code library of data quality rules which validate if data is fit for purpose.

Each application has been designed collaboratively with the Police, for the Police. As our community grows, we are developing more applications to share with our members.

What is your challenge? You can pick and choose from our available applications - see below the list of applications that we currently offer.

Our applications

Address & URPN Correction

Ensure that your data in your RMS (Records Management System) has complete, current and correct UPRNs (Unique Property Reference N...

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Address & Coordinate Correction

Understanding “what has happened and where” is vital for both public and officer safety when responding to an incident or investi...

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Beat Boundary Update

Beat Boundaries are frequently changing due to changing operational priorities, and with each change several datasets need to be u...

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Why 1Spatial

  • Speed to deployment: Unlike other providers, with 1Spatial, an initial implementation can be stood up within a matter of weeks.
  • Scalability and processing speed: Our technology can handle large volumes of data, from multiple data suppliers, without placing undue demands on internal storage and processing capabilities.

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