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Improve location data accuracy and gain confidence in your police force data

In policing spatial data quality is key to day-to-day operational decision making. Incomplete or outdated location data such as address records can lead to inaccurate decision making in terms of police intervention, resource allocations and prevention of crime. Our Police Data Quality Hub enables you to take control of your geospatial data quality, by implementing automated rules, to manage and validate your location data.

Key Benefits

Gain confidence in your data and reduce risk

Data underpins decision making, whether that is making rapid decisions responding to an emergency incident or assessing where to deploy resources to prevent crime based on previous patterns and trends. Police forces must have confidence in the data informing those decisions.

Our solution gives you confidence in your data quality to make informed decisions based on complete, current and accurate data. Powered by 1Data Gateway and 1Integrate, the Police Data Quality Hub’s applications ensure your data has been quality checked and validated against an authoritative data source with apps proving to improve data quality by over 50%.

Implement the POLE model

Location data is key to enabling the POLE model (Police, Object, Location, Event) giving police forces confidence in operational decisions and freeing up resources.

With 80% of data containing an element of “location”, geospatial data is a key unifying reference that ties together various datasets. Our technology provides automatic data quality validation and improvement across a range of police requirements where the data has a location element. Some examples include cleansing police address records, correcting the location of incidents recorded, or updating data to ensure it follows current beat boundaries.

Maximise opportunity through dashboarding

There is an increasing drive for police forces to be digitally led, by investing in technology such as control rooms, data analytics and business intelligence dashboards that help to convert data into practical information.

Whenever processes are run, the resulting statistics are stored, and an intuitive dashboard is available giving you the power to review the data quality statistics for each of your Record Management System (RMS) projects. This allows you to maintain complete audit trails and to see how the quality of your data changes over time.

Using 1Data Gateway, quality metadata is stored in a standard database and available for connection to third-party BI applications and dashboards for further analysis.

Built with with data security and ethical use in mind

Whether you are accessing the Hub via the cloud or as an on-premise installation, the Hub is configured for secure HTTPS access. Only users you have authorised for connection can access the applications, and precise job allocation ensures they can only access work they’ve been allocated by administrators.

  • Keep data safe within your own on-premise firewalls and security systems
  • Synchronise the Hub with organisational active directories
  • Use external authentication services through SAML and OAuth2
  • Have complete control over user permissions with multi-level permission-based user roles

Our applications are designed to be as simple and efficient as possible, and to reduce security concerns over any data that is passed between business systems.

Work seamlessly with other policing technology

The Police Data Quality Hub and all its applications can be quickly configured to match your exact workflow or operating procedures, and are easily integrated to work seamlessly with other policing technology.

Plug the Hub and its applications into multiple file-based systems, Web Service APIs, or databases. Use the power and simplicity of the Hub to manage your supply chain from data collection all the way through to integration into your core database.

Control if you want the Apps to output CSVs for manual checking, or send data straight to DBA teams for update, or for full automation, push results directly to your database systems.

Our Applications

Our range of applications are powered by our rules-engine, 1Integrate, providing a no code library of data quality rules which validate if data is fit for purpose.

Each application has been designed collaboratively with the Police, for the Police. As our community grows, we are developing more applications to share with our members.

What is your challenge? You can pick and choose from our available applications - see below the list of applications that we currently offer.

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Our Applications

Address & URPN Correction

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Address & Coordinate Correction

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Beat Boundary Update

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