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Smarter data for a faster route to authoritative records

National mapping, cadastral and land management agencies are the custodians of geographic truth in every country.

In a world of instant and “good enough” data, these agencies are a source of definitive, authoritative record.

But, they often struggle to meet increased demand for their services and inflated expectations of response times.

We work with organisations in every area of land management helping them to dramatically improve production times without ever sacrificing the quality on which their reputations rest.

We specialise in the management and maintenance of geospatial data

Our rules-based technology automates traditionally time-consuming data management processes such as validation, integration, conflation and enrichment.

Agencies can improve production efficiency as a result, without compromising on quality.

We work with mapping agencies, land registrars, government departments and other land management bodies around the globe. Our clients – with some of the largest and most advanced geospatial databases in the world – include Ordnance Survey Great Britain, the US Census Bureau, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Land Information New Zealand and the UK’s National Trust.

Working in partnership with your experts, we help you develop user-defined, user-managed rules that can be applied to your data automatically, consistently and objectively.

These rules can run at the point of collection – on surveyors’ mobile devices – to validate entries and avoid the need for expensive re-visits. The rules can also run against existing data or act as a gatekeeper for new data sets from partner organisations.

Ordnance Survey Ireland runs over 200 rules on new data entries at the point of collection, on the surveyor’s device. A further 400 rules run before data is accepted into the core database. Projects that would previously have taken several weeks are now completed in days.

1Spatial technology ensures that your data is always current and always accurate.

We tie together critical layers of data so that land parcel records always match your master map.

With over 45 years of experience, we partner with you to deliver the results you value.

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