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Smarter data for smoother services

Excellent infrastructure and transport links are essential for economic growth.

And, effective data management is at the heart of these – from construction through to operation and maintenance.

We work with businesses and agencies in road, rail, air and sea to support efficient operations grounded in accurate and current geospatial data.

Supporting your data journey

Our automated, rules-based solutions for the management of geospatial data support every area of transport and infrastructure, from civil engineering to planning flight-paths.

At each stage, current and accurate location data is vital to decision-making. Errors and bad data can risk lives and cost fortunes.

Our technology automates traditionally time-consuming and manual processes for data validation, cleansing, integration and chart or map generalisation. As a result, you can always be sure you are working with the best possible data at its most current.

We can combine data from different sources and in different formats, automatically cleansing and updating data to comply with required standards.

Our technology turns your experts’ knowledge into user-defined, user-managed rules that can be applied consistently, objectively and automatically to your data. Your valuable experts are then freed to focus on managing exceptions and driving innovation.

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