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Make data capture as simple and efficient as possible

Getting it right first time is the key to effective data capture.

Mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – make the job of surveying quicker, but is it more effective?

Our technology automatically runs data validation rules at the point of entry, on the surveyor’s device.

Any errors can be checked and corrected by the expert surveyor, on-site, at the time of capture. No expensive re-visits, no second-guessing; just smarter data captured correctly.

Ordnance Survey Ireland

Custodian of Ireland’s digital geographic record

“This innovative approach will provide OSi with greater flexibility and scalability for the future growth of our organisation, enhancing services, data quality and value to the State”

Colin Bray CEO | Ordnance Survey Ireland

Field collection of data is unavoidably expensive and time-consuming

Our mobile solutions help make the exercise as efficient as possible.

User-defined and user-managed rules run automatically on the surveyor’s mobile device to ensure that what is entered conforms to requirements and expectations.

For example, have all of the required attributes been added (e.g. construction, age, use, etc.) and are they consistent with the type of feature and surrounding feature? Is this type of feature allowed to connect to the surrounding feature?

Rules can reach beyond simple validation too. Mobile device rules can perform data cleansing and data inference as well, so that the information that enters your database is as smart as possible.

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