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1Integrate unlocks the value of location data for your enterprise, at scale.

1Integrate brings the power of our patented rules engine to your location data, delivering automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement. It gives you confidence in your data by assessing its quality, ensuring it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose.

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Validate, correct, transform and integrate data

1Integrate is our patented rules engine to automatically validate, correct, transform and integrate spatial and non-spatial enterprise data

Validate, correct, transform and integrate data

1Integrate is our patented rules engine to automatically validate, correct, transform and integrate spatial and non-spatial enterprise data

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"1Spatial has given us immense confidence in our ability to manage the quality of our data." - Malcolm Havercroft,

Head of Operations for Data Collection and Management - Ordnance Survey 

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Validate data, deliver consistency

Take control of your data by using the precision of 1Integrate’s rule engine.  
Use the power of rules-based validation to ensure your newly captured or legacy data is up to the standards you need, with consistency being maintained in data across your workflows. 

Remove your data silos and avoid creating new ones with the powerful in-built integration tooling:

  • Integrate and conflate your newly captured or existing siloed data into single datasets
  • Wide ranging support for industry leading formats including ArcGIS and Google Biq Query
  • Define inputs and outputs to and from different formats and datastores, giving you the flexibility to deal with data as your requirements change
  • Compare two sources of similar information to extract the best of both, and create a single source of truth for your data

Correct data, reduce costs

Incorrect data can mean costly mistakes. The wrong location for a dig-site, underestimating the size of a job or planning implications can all damage your business operations.

1Integrate’s ability to highlight and fix geometries and attributes using tasks, enables you to remain confident that your data is conforming to the standards you set or your regulatory requirements.

  • Fix geometry and attribution errors such as overlaps, spikes and misclassification or incorrect connections between features
  • Automate the correction of invalid data through rules-based tasks
  • Ensure your data is correct when it reaches a master data source, stopping costly data mistakes and fixing it in preparation for migration from one system to another
  • Identify hidden problems and fix them before they become an issue to ensure that your data is right first time
  • Snapping capabilities in 1Integrate detect and fix geometry errors using tolerances you define

Transform and enhance

Transform and enhance your data to keep up with evolving business needs and standards. No data is right forever, requirements evolve, and your tools need to respond to newly captured data and methods.

With 1Integrate, there is no need to change your source data to derive new products, as you can automate the transformation of schematics, generalisation and restructuring which can be pushed into your analysis tooling.

  • Transform data into new or different structures, enabling intelligent rules-based decisions on how to break up, merge or classify features during the transformation
  • Create new features and attributes intelligently without having to go into the source dataset and make additions manually, all according to your business needs
  • Infer the location or existence of new features/attributes to enrich your data offering, create new solutions or avoid costly site visits
  • Shifting Data for positional improvement
  • Generate new data products to ensure continuous synchronisation with the source data such as simplified, generalised and schematised data
  • Transform your data in preparation for migration from one system to another

Automate your data processing

Though ensuring the data you use is correct and fit for purpose is important, it can be time consuming. We understand that time is valuable, and 1Integrate’s automation capabilities give you the confidence to let the engines do the work.

  • Automate the correction of invalid data
  • Automate the integration or transformation of datasets
  • Automate the creation and update of datasets
  • Apply business rules automatically to spatial and non-spatial data
  • Automate your workflows by defining multiple 1Integrate data stores that access the same data using data mapping
  • Partition your spatial data to automate large scales at low processing cost
  • Streamline tasks in the specialised “Production Mode” for fast and efficient automation

1Integrate capabilities expand with your organisation

Grow capabilities alongside your workforce with flexible scaling to ensure workflows are resilient and won’t be impacted as you expand. 1Integrate has the capability to support as many Engines as you need, allowing 1Integrate to scale with your needs, scaling ‘out’ rather than ‘up’.

1Integrate is a scalable server-based application meaning you can access via a web browser or a web services API.

Rules are stored as XML in an open, transferable knowledge base allowing users across your enterprise the ability to collaborate using an evolving and maintainable rule set. 

  • The object-oriented cache allows for scalable performance for spatial and non-spatial inter-feature checks compared to a relational database
  • Grid processing delivers flexibility and resilience to your workforce as processing power can be centrally managed and browser-based interface, also add unlimited “engines” to the grid to scale up processing power
  • 1Integrate is accessible via a web-app that doesn’t have to be on the same machine or server as the hard processing
  • Extensive API calls mean that 1Integrate can be embedded within a larger system into your workflows with business growth and evolution
3D Data and the 1Spatial Platform

1Integrate 3D

1Integrate supports full 3D data in its data stores, rules and actions. The data session viewer allows you to explore your data efficiently and freely in 3D, and validation and transformation capabilities process 3D data just as easily as 2D and 2.5D (2D data with heights). This means 2D & 3D integrated solutions can easily be created for asset, infrastructure, and facility management.

Working collaboratively
Working collaboratively

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