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Providing Executive Leadership Data Quality Trends using the 1Integrate Google BigQuery DataStore

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Helping corporations, big and small, better manage real estate holdings by improving data quality for better decision support.

In the US, many Fortune 500 companies have countless real estate holdings that require lifecycle and asset tracking. To manage and track all the interior and exterior space assets within a real estate portfolio, companies utilize asset management systems, like IBM’s Tririga/Maximo products or Oracle’s Primavera Unifier. The sheer number of real estate holdings and assets (including rooms, people, workstations, etc.) would be an impossible task without an asset management system that is properly maintained.

When business decisions are made, it is imperative that the data used to track each resource is accurate and complete. Irregularities in the system will cause poor decisions based on faulty data. It is imperative that these data irregularities are found as soon as possible to reduce the effort and costs involved in rectifying the issues.

Underpinning many of these asset management systems are CAD (computer-aided-design) drawings. These drawings are uploaded to the asset management systems and are used as a graphical aid for locating assets. These drawings must be structured and formatted in way that the asset management system can properly ingest and render. In many cases, CAD drawings are not in the correct format and can have data quality issues themselves. These data quality issues are not identified until an end user tries to pull up the floor plan leading to an erosion of trust and credibility with stakeholders.

"Using Big Query to pull information from 1Integrate is a huge step in helping us to more efficiently review non-compliance issues as well as build dashboards to monitor trends in the data."

Yvonne Reshetar, Real Estate Data Governance Program Manager, Google, Inc.

At 1Spatial we use validation, integration, automation and our rules-based approach, implementing our 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway products, to build strong data infrastructures, leading to better outcomes and making your data reliable.

Our Facilities Management Data Quality & Integration Solution is a two-prong approach. First, we focus on data coming into the system, like CAD drawings, running them through the 1Integrate automated rules engine ensuring the data meets the structure, format and quality to be properly ingested into the asset management system. The second prong is to validate the asset management system itself to verify all data is correct and each resource and asset are correctly associated.

Corporations that implement our Facility Management Data Quality & Integration Solution have data quality metrics and trends for their asset management system and their data supply chain. This includes understanding the incoming CAD drawings validity with a workflow to reject drawings that will not properly upload or render within the asset management system.

In addition, by utilizing our 1Integrate rules engine, they can identify irregularities within the asset management system on a nightly basis to ensure those irregularities are resolved in a timely manner. Validating the complete asset management system enables organizations to make more informed decisions by trusting and understanding their data quality. Corporations are also implementing our 1Data Gateway as a web-based validation portal to ensure the CAD drawings coming from 3rd party contractors are meeting their standards and requirements before accepting the submitted data.

To find out more about how we can help you better manage your real estate holdings data, contact us today!

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