Flexible Mobile Data Capture

Capture data in-the-field, both offline and online, with the assurance that your data is accurate and compliant. Automatic validation and creation mean less wasted effort during and after data capture, increasing trust in your data and delivering a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

Introducing 1Capture

A customisable mobile GIS application for “right first time” data capture.

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Key features

Flexible Deployment

1Capture stores images and data locally on the device. The 1Capture application can be deployed using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software such as Microsoft Intune, Airwatch, or MobileIron.

Data can then be securely sent back to a Location Master Data System hosted on the 1Spatial Public Cloud. Our cloud deployments are secure, scalable, and robust, and the easiest way to access and integrate with 1Spatial products.

Using 1Spatial cloud is the preferred deployment method, however 1Capture can be deployed in a private cloud, or on a customer’s own premises where required.

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Connect - Mobilize - Capture - Validate - Repeat

  • Suitable for any asset model or survey type
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Powered by advanced, no-code rules
  • Configurable for specific and multiple uses
  • Capture, edit and validate - online and offline
  • Connect with a variety of data sources
  • Improves data quality at source
  • Supports Open-Source data

Deliver confidence in your field survey data

1Capture is powered by the 1Integrate rules engine that enables users to configure their own rules for automated data validation, correction and enhancement.

The 1Spatial Rules Engine

1Integrate Rules Engine

1Integrate unlocks the value of location data at scale, bringing the power of our patented rules engine to your location data, delivering automated data validation, cleansing, transformation and enhancement. It gives you confidence in your data by assessing its quality, ensuring it meets defined specification and is fit for purpose.


Technical features

  • Built in 1Spatial’s powerful LMAP Platform with patented rules engine technology
  • Connects with ArcGIS (Esri technology stack) as well as Geoserver and PostGIS (Open Source)
  • Supports Android devices
  • Offers GPS Integration

Release Notes icon

What's New?

We regularly update 1Capture with new features and enhancements in each release.

Recent highlights include:

  • WFS support
  • Language detection
  • Smartphone support
  • what3words search

What's Next?

Take a sneak-peak at the roadmap for 1Capture, to see what features we're planning.

Upcoming highlights include:

  • iOS & Windows platforms
  • Language support - French
  • Web configuration of mobile apps
  • Closer integration with 1Data Gateway

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