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Resources for COVID-19

Safe Software is offering free FME licenses to help with the response to COVID-19 and 1Spatial is helping to administer these licenses to our customers. If you can’t reach your production licences because you’re working remotely from them, or you have other requirements and need some advice, please raise a support ticket with and tell us what you need and why and we’ll be sure to help you

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Translate and Transform your data between hundreds of different formats

1Spatial is a leading global Platinum Authorized Partner of Safe Software and reseller of FME®; the Swiss army knife for your data. Since 1999 we’ve honed our technical expertise in the FME products and our certified consultants help our customers who benefit from over 45 years’ worth of experience in the field of geographic information. We work closely with Safe Software to ensure you get the very best value out of your FME products; FME Desktop, FME Server and FME Cloud. FME gives you absolute flexibility to restructure, reformat and integrate your data so that it is ready for you to use, analyze, publish and share. It includes support for hundreds of data formats, thousands of map projections and hundreds of transformation tools, many of them custom tools authored by the huge global user community. See some of our custom transformers here.

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FME Desktop

A smart alternative to writing code, FME® Desktop makes converting data between potentially hundreds of formats quick and simple.

FME Desktop FME Desktop

FME Server

When your needs move beyond the Desktop, consider automating practically anything with FME® Server.

FME Server FME Server

FME Cloud

1Spatial is proud to be a provider of FME ® Cloud through our Managed Service Provider (MSP) Premier accreditation, Safe Software’...

FME Cloud FME Cloud

FME Maintenance

We don’t separate our Maintenance and Technical Support contracts for FME; if you’re on active FME product maintenance, you’ve aut...

FME Maintenance FME Maintenance

FME Tools

We work on customers data problems which lend themselves well to being solved by a custom FME tool and when it’s appropriate, we b...

FME Tools FME Tools

Unlock the full potential of FME

Join the tens of thousands of customers around the world, who are already enjoying the many business benefits FME provides, including:

FME offers the industry’s best format support. You can read and write data in hundreds of spatial and tabular formats, including CAD, GIS, raster, database, 3D, BIM, XML, LiDAR and many others. A single FME process can consume and write data between multiple formats allowing you to solve many problems in a single step and with a single tool.

FME processes can be run in many ways, whether manual, triggered or on a schedule, FME allows you to automate your data routines giving you time to focus on the information, not the data.

Use FME to compute thousands of mathematical expressions, analyse geographic relationships or simply clip or filter out just the data you need from your data warehouse.

If your needs stretch beyond the Desktop, FME Server is the enterprise solution that can be deployed with resilience, meaning that you can reduce the risk of downtime and disruption to users.

Should your needs change in the future, as FME Server is fully scalable you just need to add more FME engines to handle more concurrent data throughput, it’s that simple!

If you need flexibility to control the availability of a data service, you’d prefer not to support an on-premise solution or perhaps your data is already in the cloud, try FME Cloud.

Whether your need is to publish Open Data, synchronise databases overnight or publish content to a web GIS, FME allows you to seamlessly share your data from your back office environment to any other schema, repository or system that needs it. Use FME to make your data available where, when and how it’s needed.


1Spatial is a leading global Platinum Authorised Partner of Safe Software and reseller of FME®


FME®; the Swiss army knife for your data.


Our customers benefit from over 45 years’ worth of experience in the field of geographic information

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Join one of our courses to learn how to manage your data as well as your translation and transformation challenges as efficiently as possible.

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