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Meeting current and future challenges depends on knowledge and insight

The gas network and its operational processes are evolving to meet decarbonisation goals. Whether you are providing transmission or distribution, you need innovation and a clear roadmap.  Meanwhile, delivering current demands means finding low-risk, high-impact answers that improve safety and service whilst meeting RIIO price control targets.  Better business insight requires solid supporting data.  Is your data fit for purpose?

The benefits of accurate, complete and timely spatial data

  • Optimise field operations – reduce travel time and complete works faster
  • Lower operating costs – cut labour-intensive manual data processing and re-work
  • Reduce risk – focus investment where the impact of a failure would be greatest
  • Improve client satisfaction – provide complete answers, without delay
  • Avoid regulatory fines – manage street works more efficiently.

Robust operational data is critical; 1Spatial has the tools for the job

Gas transmission and distribution networks face unique operational challenges, in many cases driven by safety requirements. Mains and junctions need to be a safe distance from properties and always accessible.  Ageing mains must be replaced before they become a risk.  Avoiding the build-up of gas under built-on ground is a constant challenge. The location of underground assets must be known before works take place.  Information must be clearly communicated to contractors, local authorities and partner networks, without ambiguity. All these requirements make the business critically dependent on robust operational data.

But asset data has not always been captured and despite improvement initiatives quality is often poor.  Historical data was captured to a lower accuracy and to different standards than those expected today.  Data is held in different systems and in different formats making it harder to access and leading to confusion over which data is authoritative.  Managing data change is an on-going overhead – even distinguishing a real-world change from a positional update is not straightforward.

1Spatial specialises in tackling these challenges. Look forward to the day when the whole organisation has complete trust in its spatial data. The backlog of change has gone. Manual re-work and re-load is minimised.  And you really do have a single view of the truth.

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