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Delivering aircrew safely to your destination is a minimum expectation and it demands trust in your equipment, training, and the information available to you. Our solution is built on the premise of automated data quality and data assurance to help you deliver Aeronautical Information (AI) that you can trust.

Through applying updates and validating the aeronautical data automatically against the required standards, specifications and regulations, aircrew have access to the latest trusted information.

Our aeronautical data management solution provides automated, enterprise data management and enforced automated validation, human approval, and conflict detection.

The Challenge

The challenges with maintaining and publishing authoritative and assured AI data comes from multiple factors, including regulations, standards, production cycles, safety and the required automation.

We understand these challenges and have supported air forces, including the Aeronautical Information Documentation Unit (No 1. AIDU) of the UK’s Royal Air Force to deliver AIM systems that underpin the generation of products which are critical to flight safety.

The Solution

The foundation of the AIM is our aeronautical data management platform, built using 1Integrate, with a schema that can be based on any aeronautical data standard maintained via an AI Editor. The AIM can improve the quality and consistency of the data by maintaining a single, seamless, worldwide dataset, rather than holding datasets per chart.

The AIM allows individual analysts to maintain and update aeronautical information. Changes are validated against a standard set of rules to ensure conformance to standards, before being cross-checked for conflicts and approved for use by an independent human reviewerUntil the data is approvedit is kept in a separate ‘branch’ of the production database to ensure protection of the core production database at all times and preserve the data integrity. Once approved, these sets of assured changes are merged into the main dataset, ensuring a consistent, coherent, always production-ready set of information.

This production-ready dataset is then available to support automatic product generation of Aeronautical Data (e.g AIPs) and Aeronautical Information (e.g en-route Charts (ERC), en-route Bulletins (ERB)).

The Result

Our AIM solution integrates with industry standard databases allowing for simplified data sharing with other users of aeronautical data inside and outside the organisation as required, as well as outputs in standards conformant formats. The use of industry standard databases also has the advantage of making the data easily available for consumption by downstream services such as those responsible for print production.

A sophisticated built-in data-differencing capability allows for supporting, text-based, bulletin products such as En-Route Bulletins to be generated automatically, thereby reducing ongoing manual intervention by analysts and speeding up the production cycle.

We worked with No. 1 AIDU to develop and enhance their AIM system (Aeronautical Production System (APS)). The foundation of the APS is based on the Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF) standard maintained via an AI Editor. Read the full case study on the solution for No. 1 AIDU.

Case Study

No 1 AIDU feeds forces with accurate aeronautical information

“1Spatial has a good understanding of what’s required and over the last couple of years we’ve developed a very collaborative relationship. It’s helped us massively. Not only does it save us a lot of time and money, but it means we end up with the best solution for our needs.”

Corporal Richard Jennings | No 1 AIDU Aeronautical Information Documents Unit

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