As we enter the age of the digital utility, information and insight move centre stage for the network enterprise.

The investments you have made in critical national infrastructure are among the largest and most important in your country.  Much of this is underground and built when IT was basic and record keeping low-priority.  Maintenance and upgrade costs give you little choice but to sweat assets long beyond their planned life.  However, as clients become more connected and assets become more networked, the pressure to do things differently grows.  Is your business ready to change?

United Utilities unites its data

With more complete, more accurate geospatial data, United Utilities can run more accurate deterioration models and build better predictive maintenance plans. In turn, this enables the company to reduce cost and replace more assets at the optimal point, before they fail.

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The benefits of accurate, complete and timely spatial data

  • Increase efficiency – collaboration across the enterprise with an increased flow of more accessible information
  • Enhance environmental performance – understand and predict environmental impact with confidence
  • Raise client service – improve engagement based on deeper insight into your network, resources and clients
  • Become more agile – respond faster with the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Improve safety – apply predictive, preventative intelligence without knowledge gaps.

Reliable data provides a solid platform upon which to respond to uncertainty

The business environment is changing faster than ever. National goals of secure, sustainable and affordable energy are driving innovation in the energy and water sectors.  Digital disruption is impacting the whole supply chain.  The customer interface is increasingly data-driven and transactions are increasingly digital.  Client expectations are rising as faster moving sectors set service benchmarks.  Meanwhile enterprise knowledge is being eroded as older people retire from the workforce.  As slow moving back-end systems fail to keep up with rapid environmental change enterprises find themselves with two-speed IT.

The many forces of change are complex and inter-related; impacts are not always easy to predict. An effective response depends on better knowledge and insight, but relying on the manual methods of the past is costly and will not keep pace with the growth of data.   At the heart of the issue is the need to know the location and status of clients, assets and their environment in a joined-up, enterprise-wide view. Data technology can be a part of the solution, but achieving return on investment depends upon the quality and currency of the input data.

1Spatial leverages its experience of the largest geospatial databases on earth to simplify and automate workflows for data creation, management and analysis.  The result is more efficient processes that enable the network enterprise to handle much larger volumes of data, more quickly, with greater accuracy and at lower cost than ever before.

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