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Smarter data validation for more current and consistent charts

Accurate and current marine charts are essential for safety of life at sea (SOLAS), effective commerce and protection of the environment.

But, validating geospatial data to ensure compliance with S-58 rules or other standards is traditionally a time-consuming task.

Our automated, rules-based approach to data validation and generalisation speeds up the process while freeing up your data experts to focus where their skills can be of greatest value.

We work with some of the world’s leading hydrographic agencies – including the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and the Swedish Maritime Administration – to implement automated, repeatable processes for data validation, integration, enrichment and chart generalisation.

Our technology collects the knowledge of your cartographic experts in user-defined, user-managed, repeatable rules that ensure their expertise is applied consistently and objectively to any set of geospatial data, in S-57 or other formats. Our rules-engine is also ideally suited to applying existing rule sets, such as S-58 rules.

And, by turning your best into your everyday, our solution frees your experts to focus where their skills are of greatest value – handling exceptions or driving innovation.

By automating traditionally labour-intensive tasks, we can accelerate the processes of data validation and chart production, for both paper and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC).

Consistency at scale is critical for safe navigation. Our technology ensures that a given feature or area will appear the same across all of your chart products, and that important features are treated appropriately at any given scale for any part of the world. Processing the data for use at smaller scales must ensure that any simplifications take into account maritime safety and do not, for example, hide any shallow areas.

Automation brings other benefits too:

  • Quickly and easily compare two charts or data-sets to identify the differences
  • Make important processes cost-effective, helping your organisation achieve more within constrained budgets
  • Agile product generation – see your output before committing time and budget to full-scale production.

Our rules-based approach can automatically fix data problems too; ensuring that your chart data is always as you expect it to be: authoritative, consistent and accurate.

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