We help customers make better business decisions by unlocking the value of location data

We are building our highly scalable business on three pillars: Innovation, Customer Relationships and Smart Partnerships. Whether we are implementing digital transformation strategies, helping to clean our clients' data at scale or providing support to governments on accelerating their green agenda, 1Spatial is making significant strides across a range of sectors.

Why invest in 1Spatial?

Our Three-Pillar Growth Strategy


Innovation lies at the heart of 1Spatial. We have been at the forefront of providing software to manage location data for over 30 years.

Customer Relationships

We will grow our customer base and strengthen customer relationships. We want to be our customers’ strategic partner and trusted advisor.

Smart Partnerships

We will use smart partnerships to extend our market reach, providing additional scale to our capabilities.

Our Strategy
8th US state secured for NG911 solution

The State of Arkansas has become the eighth US state to take up 1Spatial’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) repeatable solution. 1Spatial has also secured its first traffic conflation contract through the Eastern Transportation Coalition marketplace with Massachusetts Department of Transportation, an eight-year contract.

Our Performance

Final results for the period ended 31 January 2023 (FY 2023)

£ 0 m Recurring Revenue (+21%)
£ 0 m Total Revenue (+11%)
£ 0 m Annualised Recurring Revenue (+18%)
£ 0 m Term Licences ARR (+37%)
Final results for the year ending 31 January 2024

Presented by Claire Milverton (CEO) and Stuart Ritchie (CFO)

1Spatial An Overview
7th Annual SDSW Conference 2023 Welcome by CEO Claire Milverton

Claire Milverton, emphasises the importance of a "data first" approach to fully leverage the potential of AI and digital twins.

Edison Executive Interview

Claire Milverton (CEO) and Andrew Fabian (CFO)

An Introduction to 1Spatial

Watch how our technology is enabling organisations across the globe to unlock the value of their geospatial data

Edison Executive Interview

Sheila Steffenson, CEO 1Spatial Inc, USA

The Future of Data

1Spatial Customers speaking at Smarter Data, Smarter World