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Reduce the duration and cost of incident management and improve customer welfare

Incident management is an admin-intensive task and relies on accurate, clear, and detailed information to inform decisions and communicate quickly and effectively to stakeholders. Our solution ensures that you are able to manage an incident easily and effectively. Designed for use on both mobile and desktop, our incident solution has the flexibility required to support public and staff welfare at all times, throughout the incident.

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The Challenge

You must react to emergency and potentially life-threatening incidents, such as gas leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring that both the public and staff are not at risk. In order to complete this efficiently, staff at each stage of the response require accurate, clear and detailed information – whether this is the team in the field or HQ.

There are multiple aspects to consider during incident response including:

  1. Identifying and prioritizing at risk or vulnerable customers and high impact addresses
  2. Ensuring all customers are safe in the first instance, then maintaining their safety until the incident is resolved
  3. Following important operational processes to ensure each customers supply is reconnected safely
  4. Ensuring welfare provisions are distributed to customers, in line with your duty of care
  5. The accurate recording of all actions taken, by whom, at what time etc. If incidents occur, they put additional strain on the organisation, making an efficient management process vital. Without real-time insight from the response team, it is extremely difficult for you to maintain an accurate overview of the incident, make informed decisions and provide timely reports on the response.

The Solution

There are two elements of our incident management solution:

  1. The mobile application
  2. The web application

The mobile application enables your field workers to provide the business with real-time updates. The workflow is configured to guide the user through your response protocol ensuring the correct actions are taken and all information is captured.

Data captured in the field is uploaded to a central database. The web application then provides HQ with a real-time operational view of the entire incident. It displays live data feeds from all field workers so that decisions can be made quickly with all the necessary information. It also includes reporting functionality, allowing the business to easily provide relevant information to various stakeholders.

Our solution focuses equally on operational response and customer welfare – allowing the organisation to invest in a targeted solution that ticks all the boxes for successful incident management.

The Result

Our solution provides you with the ability to manage incidents easily and efficiently, reducing the time taken to resolve an incident, resulting in less operational disruption and cost whilst improving customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, it will ensure all possible measures are taken to protect both the public and your staff’s welfare throughout the incident. Our solution has the ability to reduce the duration of the incident and the associated cost. By reducing the duration of the incident, this reduces the impact on your customers and improves their overall welfare.

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