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The new era of Digital Utilities is here, are you ready?

Providing a safe and reliable supply of product to happy customers is the fundamental objective for all utility companies. How and to what degree of success is what really divides the market. As utility organisations increasingly transform into digital organisations; machine learning, digital twins and preventative action is becoming common practice.

However, in a regulated industry where targets are becoming more challenging, spending is restricted and penalties for ‘underperformance’ are a harsh reality, it is vital that these large investments are successful.

All of these innovative technologies require data inputs with a high level of completeness and quality. They provide decision-makers with actionable insights, but the output of these systems will always rely on the quality of data input.

With this in mind,1Spatial provides utility solutions with data at the core. From locating underground assets to capturing accurate information on the welfare of your customers, 1Spatial collaborates with utility companies to design targeted solutions that benefit the business from the boardroom to the field.

Our Solutions

Utility Network Migration

We can help you confidently migrate your ArcGIS® geometric network data, to the new ArcGIS Utility Network data model.

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Our leakage solution provides a data-driven approach for predicting and identifying assets that are at risk of losing product.

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Positional Accuracy Improvement

Our solution uses powerful algorithms and rules-based approach in 1Integrate to ensure the standards you need are achieved.

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Automated Schematics

We are working closely with our customers to build a flexible yet automated schematics solution.

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Pipe Inference

Our pipe inference solution unlocks valuable insight into your network using rules-based data discovery, powered by 1Integrate.

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Incident Management

Our solution ensures that you are able to manage an incident easily and effectively.

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Northern Gas Networks

Automation driving safety and efficiency in essential streetworks for Northern Gas Networks

“The ability for our own designers, planners and engineers to generate traffic management plans, at the click of a button, is a potential game-changer for the industry. Working together, Northern Gas Networks combined their technical expertise with 1Spatial’s automation technology to produce this award-winning and innovative system.”

Richard Hynes-Cooper Head of Innovation, Northern Gas Networks