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Automatically generate schematics from your asset data

Producing schematic diagrams is a time-consuming, labour intensive and costly process. Engineers often rely on historical, out of date diagrams coupled with their own local knowledge which is a big risk to employee and public safety. We are working closely with our customers to build a flexible yet automated schematics solution. Although there are obvious benefits to quickly producing schematic diagrams with up to date and reliable data, user feedback informs us that the styling and aesthetics of the automated diagrams is equally important. To ensure adoption of the solution, it requires flexibility to allow a similar look and feel for users. Automate the creation of complex schematic diagrams, and ensure you always have access to the most up to date and consistent diagrams that represent your asset data in a format your engineers want.

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The Challenge

You have been using schematic diagrams operationally for many years. Typically, engineers use old versions that they supplement with their own local knowledge and experience.

This poses challenges when schematic diagrams are required for use in planning, and emergency response situations or by less experienced engineers. Without a current, clearly depicted diagram of the assets showing their impact on the rest of the network, there can be serious health and safety implications for engineers and impacted customers. Continually updating schematic diagrams manually, combined with the risk of incorrect or out of date information, is a multi-million-pound problem.

The Solution

Our solution generates schematic diagrams from your live asset repository. This enables the production of accurate, up to date schematic diagrams on-demand, as a complete set of schematic diagrams or for specific network zones. What’s more, this enables a unified standard of schematic diagrams whilst removing the possibility of human error.

Our core solution provides the following functionality:

  • Line Asset simplification
  • Line and Point Asset separation
  • Gap creation to allow jump symbolization where line assets cross
  • Background feature identification of interaction with assets to help provide context
  • Output to your existing GIS (mobile and desktop) or PDF

The Result

Automate the creation of complex schematics that represent your asset data and deliver consistent, accurate schematics on demand. This not only improves your confidence in data but improves the safety of your workforce and creates operational efficiencies. The automated solution aids quicker incident response and improves employee safety in the field.

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