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Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is increasingly mandated by governments around the world, is the process of digitally planning, designing, constructing, operating and managing built assets in construction and infrastructure projects across their lifespan. 

At its heart is the Building Information Model – a 3D representation of an asset, including all of the information and content that describes and relates to it, from drawings and elevations to photographs and operating manuals. A BIM model is typically assembled collaboratively and updated throughout a project by many people from wide ranging disciplines. When done well using validated, reliable, and trusted data, a BIM model offers significant operational efficiencies to those who use it and collaborate around a single, continuously maintained and accurate digital representation of an asset.

As well as increasing mandates for the use of BIM, the COVID pandemic has seen a shift towards more remote working. This is driving further needs for better digital collaboration and data validation to enable BIM teams to work more frequently across dispersed locations.

BIM is something we know all about at 1Spatial. We have a long and solid track record in ensuring that data to be used in a BIM model can be trusted; in assembling and managing BIM models; in sharing BIM model data that we can be confident of; and in visualizing BIM models and ensuring that they are easy to use and fit for purpose.

Using our patented technology, our specialized products, and our wealth of experience, we provide the BIM community with tools to:

  • Immerse yourself in BIM models using our efficient, web based 1Realworld business application to bring together, visualize, navigate, use, and manage all the different sources of 2D and 3D BIM, CAD, and Geospatial data and all associated reference documentation about sites, buildings, floors, facilities, infrastructure, furniture, and people management in a single repository and environment.
  • Quality Assure incoming data via our BIM Data Quality Hub. Whether IFC, IFCXML, IFCZIP, COBie, GeoCOBie, CityGML or LandXML, this is the Cloud-service to validate all the data sent from your collaboration partners and suppliers, ensuring that you can trust it in your overall BIM model.
  • Deliver and share BIM data using our 1Integrate rules engine to issue quality-assured, certified, current and reliable data about buildings, infrastructure, people, objects, locations, and events, when and where needed, whatever the required output format.
  • Integrate, correct, and improve data with the automated correction and enhancement tools in our 1Integrate rules engine.
  • Automatically control, validate and integrate facilities data, such as CAD drawings and digital mock-ups, with our Facilities Management Data Quality & Integration Solution to ensure that the data respects the structure, format and quality necessary to be properly ingested into the asset management system.

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