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FME + 1Spatial

The leading global Safe Platinum Partner and FME reseller

1Spatial is a leading global Platinum Partner of Safe Software and reseller of FME®; the Swiss army knife for your data. Since 1999 we’ve honed our technical expertise in the FME products and our certified consultants help our customers who benefit from over 50 years’ worth of experience in the field of geographic information. We work closely with Safe Software to ensure you get the very best value out of your FME products; FME Form, FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted.

“I really enjoyed the training program. I appreciated your patience with my questions and enjoyed your enthusiasm for the content. I left the course feeling empowered to use the tools! “

Gabor Vasarhelyi, Spatial Product Manager Digital & Information - Urban Utilities

Translate and transform your data between hundreds of different formats

FME gives you absolute flexibility to restructure, reformat and integrate your data so that it is ready for you to use, analyse, publish and share. It includes support for hundreds of data formats, thousands of map projections and hundreds of transformation tools, many of them custom tools authored by the huge global user community.

Training - "Great voice, speed of talk is perfect – you should be an FM radio announcer/DJ. FME knowledge is top notch, accommodating, Friendly and OK to be interrupted".

Ross Ocampo, NT Geological Survey

Products and Services

FME Form

A smart alternative to writing code, FME Form makes converting data between potentially hundreds of formats quick and simple.

FME Form FME Form

FME Flow

When your needs move to the enterprise, consider automating practically anything with FME Flow.

FME Flow FME Flow

FME Flow Hosted

1Spatial is proud to be a provider of FME Flow Hosted through our Managed Service Provider (MSP) Premier accreditation.

FME Flow Hosted FME Flow Hosted

FME Maintenance

We don’t separate our Maintenance and Technical Support contracts for FME.

FME Maintenance FME Maintenance

FME Tools

We build custom FME tools and publish them to the FME Hub.

FME Tools FME Tools

FME Certified Training Courses

Our FME Certified professionals can help you to connect your applications, transform your data and automate tasks.

FME Training FME Training

Unlock the full potential of FME

Join the tens of thousands of customers around the world, who are already enjoying the many business benefits FME provides.

Mining and Natural Resource

Fortescue Automates Environmental Data Compliance

“An ethos of our team is to automate tasks and workflows wherever possible and FME is a big part of that. This was a case where we could build something to manage the interface with the environmental consultants, giving us more confidence and better data integrity while reducing the internal workload required to check the data and processes involved.”

Andrew McGonagle Lead Geospatial Analyst

Why FME?

Training, support and consultancy services

Meet our FME Experts

All our FME Certified Professionals have a wealth of experience and can help you to connect your applications, transform your data and automate tasks.


Help & Support Centre

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Join one of our courses to learn how to manage your data as well as your translation and transformation challenges as efficiently as possible.

FME Training

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