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As a global Platinum Authorised Partner of Safe Software and FME reseller, 1Spatial’s FME training enables you to realise your full investment in FME, by showing you how to use it more effectively, opening up previously undiscovered possibilities.

Join one of our courses to learn how to manage your data as well as your translation and transformation challenges as efficiently as possible.

Courses currently available include:

Do you have special FME training requirements? For example:

  • You want the standard course material but delivered over a longer period
  • You’d like some of the course material combining to create a hybrid course
  • You’d like one of our Certified Trainers to come to you
  • You’d like some one-to-one mentoring style training, instead of a classroom approach.

We can do all of this and more, just get in touch via to discuss your specific requirements.

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