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Data translation doesn’t need to be time-consuming

A smart alternative to writing code, FME® Desktop makes converting data between potentially hundreds of formats quick and simple. With a drag and drop interface, users can create visual data workflows, to automate day to day tasks, perform a one-off conversion or manage a large data migration project. FME Desktop has a myriad of data and environment connectivity possibilities with the ability to read a humble Excel spreadsheet or an Esri Shapefile or alternatively use its flexible HTTP functions to fetch data from the thousands of APIs that are increasingly appearing.

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Everything starts with FME Workbench, part of FME Form. Workspaces (the data models that do the hard work) are authored in FME Form and can be run in the same environment or promoted to the enterprise and run, perhaps “as a service” on FME Flow. FME Form is used to:

FME supports 450+ data formats and enables you to read and write those formats between one another allowing systems and users to access their data in the format that they need it in.

Connect to the formats, the systems, the databases, the APIs and the Web services where the data you need is and move it to where you need it to be. Help systems to communicate with each other that previously couldn’t and extend the life of legacy systems by providing a way of accessing the data that they contain using FME.

It’s not just the format that data is stored in that matters but also the structure of that dataset. Once you’ve connected to the relevant system or dataset you’ll need to restructure that data to fit your new target environment and FME provides the tools; Transformers, tools you can use to concatenate your strings, work out the average of a collection of integers or perhaps you need to calculate a spatial relationship. FME has the tools to suit your task!

Chances are the environment you want to put some data into is quite different to where the data started out. Perhaps you have a spreadsheet, but you need to restructure the data to be surfaced in PowerBI. Or maybe you have a folder full of Esri Shapefiles and what you actually need is all that data conflating into a single Oracle Spatial database table. Or maybe you have some digital elevation models and you need to derive some contours.

FME helps you prepare your data before you load it to where it needs to be!

Exchange data between CAD and GIS systems, move information between databases, create data download services to provide self-service data to colleagues or customers or simply convert your data to Excel and automatically upload it to a secure FTP site… do it with FME.

Need to synchronise data between more than one database overnight? Need to schedule a data load every month? Need to trigger an event when a photo lands in a folder on your network? FME can automate almost any data workflow for you on a schedule, with a trigger or as part of an orchestrated workflow.

Need to move all your files to a database? Want to move from a proprietary database to open source? Need to move files from one document management system to your new one? FME can…

British National Grid or Latitude and Longitude? Snakegrid or London Survey Grid? Now you don’t need to decide until you have to. FME supports moving spatial data between nearly 4,000 different coordinate systems.

FME enables you to inspect all of the rows of data that you are processing, before you start, during the process to check what you’ve done, and afterwards to check the result is what you expected in your target format. Simply drag and drop your data into the FME Data Inspector, no translation required… 2D, 3D, raster, vector and non-spatial data all supported.

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