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GDV (Geospatial Data Validation) Hub

A web-based solution to provide certainty for data integrity and data governance. The Geospatial Data Validation Hub (GDV Hub) allows developers, councils and utilities to validate data utilising the 1Data Gateway portal with its 1Spatial patented Business Rules Engine. Data submitted in Industry Standard Data formats is validated to standards and can automatically apply logical corrections.


GDV Hub automatically validates and improves the quality of your data

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Key Benefits

The GDV Hub is a self-service kiosk that enables organisations to utilise an established validation protocol to ratify their data for accuracy and completeness before being ingested.

  • Software agnostic, data standard agnostic
  • Can be configured to work with your data standard specification framework
  • Can be configured to your organisation's needs for location-based data and associated information

GDV Hub Overview

The Challenge

As a developer,

  • How much time do you spend correcting data submitted that does not comply with standards?
  • How much time do you spend learning the requirements and setting up checking procedures for different authorities?
  • How much time do you spend converting your data to other formats to comply with lodging data?

As a referral authority,

  • How much time do you spend chasing data providers to rectify data provided that is not compliant?
  • How much time do you spend validating data supplied to find that it is not compliant?

The Solution

1Spatial’s rules-based technology automates data validation and enhancement by applying rules to structured data

  • Enhancement can be fixing errors but also include integration, transformation, simplification, inference, etc.
  • Work with distributed spatial (vector) or non-spatial data from many formats such as databases, files, services
  • Automate manual processes, even those you don’t think can be automated
  • Ability to set up ‘autocorrection’ to common issues

The Result

This one stop validation shop will allow you to:

  • Validate and correct in one step
  • You use your workflow to create your output… GDV Hub will validate and correct it for you…
  • You use your workflow to create your output… we will use our workflow to validate your output...

For more information on the GDV Hub, watch our On-Demand Webinar the launch of:

"Your one Stop Validation Shop - GDV Hub"

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More Information

If you have any questions about GDV Hub please do get in touch. Alternatively please use the form below to register for more information.

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GDV Hub comes to you as a joint venture between 1Spatial and Digital Hive. As part of this joint venture, transactions and personal data may be shared between the parties.