Conferences 7th May - 9th May 2024

    1Spatial Australia are thrilled to be once again sponsoring Locate23 - the Geospatial event of the year!

    Conferences 14th May - 27th May 2024
    1Spatial World Tour 2024

    1Spatial successfully launched its global tour, spotlighting FME 2024 new features throughout May 2024, starting in Aust...

    Conferences 24th May - 24th May 2024
    GCA - GIS in Local Government (SA)

    We are delighted to be once again sponsoring GCA: GIS in Local Government (SA)

    Webinars 30th May 2024
    Working with the Asite Common Data Environment

    Working with customer examples we'll show you how you can use FME to interact with the Asite Common Data Environment, in...

    Webinars 27th Jun 2024
    Microsoft Azure in FME - tips and tricks

    A whistle-stop tour of the various formats and connectors that FME offers to help you manage your data in Azure.

    Webinars 19th Sep 2024
    FME Accelerator

    Join our free and interactive workshop to learn how to make the most use out of your data with FME