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We are dedicated to supporting the mining industry in addressing environmental impacts, enhancing safety protocols, and optimising time and cost efficiency.

Through our innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, we empower mining companies to minimise their ecological footprint, ensuring sustainable resource extraction. Our smart spatial data integration, combined with advanced analytics, allows for precise monitoring and mitigation of environmental risks.

By streamlining processes and maximising operational efficiency, we help our clients save both time and money, promoting their long-term success in the competitive mining landscape.

Case Study

Fortescue Automates Environmental Data Compliance

“An ethos of our team is to automate tasks and workflows wherever possible and FME is a big part of that. This was a case where we could build something to manage the interface with the environmental consultants, giving us more confidence and better data integrity while reducing the internal workload required to check the data and processes involved.”

Andrew McGonagle Lead Geospatial Analyst

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