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Use 1Spatial Management Suite to efficiently plan, maintain and publish your data in a simplified workflow, whilst automating your production processes, and delivering data consistency.

The 1Spatial Management Suite (1SMS) builds on our expertise in validation and data processing technologies like 1Integrate, to give you a full end to end data management suite that will give you confidence in the quality and consistency of your data workflows. From the planning stages, right through to delivery, the components that make up 1SMS manages each project using task-based workflows.

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Flexible architecture for any problem

1Spatial Management Suite’s component-based nature gives you the flexibility to decide how you interact with your data and manage the creation of your data products.

Keep your organisational structure and the workflow you use in sync as your staff interact with the components they need to complete the job.


1Plan provides a web-based environment allowing you to create, edit, schedule and allocate survey and editing jobs.

It also allows you to track the progress of jobs as they move through the 1Spatial Management Suite.

  • Improve your productivity as you can respond rapidly to real-world change
  • Reduce your costs by efficiently managing data capture tasks
  • Increase confidence by providing accurate, relevant job information for data capture tasks
  • Improve accuracy by allowing you to make informed decisions about job planning and scheduling
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for desktop software installation and maintenance
  • Increase efficiency by easily and effectively managing the work of surveyors and editors
  • Plan job extents in preparation for your data editing software

Take control of your data lifecycle

1Workflow gives you control over the data lifecycle with job progress tracking, approval steps and oversight tools built in. You can be sure that data delivery fulfils the quality requirements you set, giving you confidence as the job moves through its lifecycle. 

1Workflow automates and integrates the operation of all services within the 1Spatial Management Suite.

This orchestrates the flow of data between products and provides you with a fully defined and auditable lifecycle for user jobs.

  • Minimises the cost of manual data tracking and checking through the use of service orchestration and automation
  • Identify productivity bottlenecks in the data lifecycle using detailed data quality metrics and system audit reports
  • Reduce the risk of you losing valuable data in the event of infrastructure failures through built-in disaster recovery and high availability services
  • Safeguard your production by ensuring that correct business process is always followed
  • Reduce effort by ensuring that all parts of your business process is controlled
  • Gives you peace of mind by relying on industry-standard infrastructure

Data transactions in a private workspace

The 1Transact component guarantees data integrity throughout the entire lifecycle of the job, whilst allowing more than one person to edit data in the same region.

It provides long-transaction management with optimistic locking and conflict management for feature data in an Oracle database (using Oracle Workspace Manager) or a PostgreSQL database.  

  • Shield users from concurrent database changes, mitigating the future cost of database issues and merge conflicts
  • Increase productivity by enabling users to edit data in jobs that are in close proximity or in the same area without blocking or conflicting their edits
  • Ensure that your production data is in an always-publishable and validated state
  • Create a history of data checkpoints to allow views of the data at snapshots in time
  • Maximise your data access through optimistic locking (users can extract the same features in multiple jobs)


1Exchange ensures the right people get the right data by managing the extraction and submission of data packages to and from an Oracle database.

This allows you to provide data editors with access to all necessary feature data, metadata and supporting resources (imagery, DTM) for a job and allows their edits to be submitted back seamlessly.

  • Reduce the cost of capturing valuable change intelligence through the automatic submission of changes by users
  • Integrate with Oracle Workspace Manager and 1Transact to allow long transactions so that data submissions can be kept out of the live data until it is valid
  • Allow incremental updates to data products, giving you a ‘product-ready’ supply database

A rules-based approach

Our patented 1Integrate rules engines are used to perform global data quality checks and dynamic assessments focussed on specific job-based change through automated data validation.

It allows you to assess the quality of submitted data to ensure it meets defined specifications.

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