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The Little Book of Spatial Data Management

In our free Little Book of Spatial Data Management, we look at how effective stewardship is essential to maintain the value of your geospatial data and how a consistent, repeatable, rules-based process can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of data management.


Moving to a single source of spatial truth

Spatial data is increasingly important for competitive advantage. But, that data is frequently held in different places, in different formats and with different degrees of accuracy.

Organisations need a single source of spatial truth, a central data set they can trust.

Data integration, or conflation, takes the best of every data set and combines it into a consistent and reliable whole data set.

case study

Automated data integration contributes to $5 billion saving for US Census

“This is a large, complex and mission-critical spatial database that is growing at 10-15% annually. There are huge demands from the user community for spatial and temporal accuracy and quality, together with stringent processing deadlines. We believe that 1Spatial’s solution will meet our expectations to build an agile, service orientated architecture, whilst reducing our storage requirements.”

Tim Trainor Geography Division Chief | US Census Bureau

Maintain quality through automation

Organisations increasingly rely on spatial data, often using it in real-time to inform critical decisions.

Data maintenance can no longer be treated as an annual project. Data must always be available, up to date and accurate.

Our approach turns data maintenance from an expensive, one-off project into a cost-effective, ongoing process.

Automated, user-defined and user-managed rules run in the background right across the enterprise and across all of your data, from inception to obsolescence.

Rules can run on data at the point of collection, before acceptance into your core data set and regularly to prevent or fix accidental corruption by users.

Data quality is enforced along the way, not treated as an after-thought.

Our data maintenance solutions report regularly so that you always know the state of your data. Any errors that can’t be fixed automatically are flagged for immediate attention, improving your overall stewardship and ensuring your data is fit for purpose.

Automated, rules-based data maintenance simply makes your data smarter.

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