Police Data Quality Playbook

Data underpins decision-making, whether that is making rapid decisions responding to an emergency incident or assessing where to deploy resources to prevent crime based on previous patterns and trends.

As police forces increasingly become digitally led, the opportunities available from digital technology such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality are only as good as the data underlying it.

Investing in solid data foundations presents significant opportunities to improve internal efficiencies and reduce costs and risks, helping to deliver a bigger return on your digital investments.

Download this Police Data Quality Playbook to learn more about the importance of improving location data in policing and take control of the quality of your geospatial data.

Download this playbook now and find out how to:

  • Gain confidence in your data, reduce risk and improve the allocation of resources
  • Connect all your data to a single accurate location
  • Validate data to standards such as POLE (Persons Objects Locations and Events)
  • Automatically correct and update multiple data sets such as addresses, coordinate data and boundary changes
  • Ensure a strong ROI on your digital investments