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Unlocking the power of high-quality Geospatial Data Infrastructures

1Spatial works together with government sectors around the world. We help maintain public trust in Government decision-making to accelerate delivery of economic, social and environmental benefits derived from geospatial data. We work to enhance government’s geospatial readiness by evolving geospatial data infrastructures to deliver authoritative data, ensuring government organisations can rely on smarter data for evidence-based decision making, resulting in benefits to the economy, environment and society.

We do this by helping deliver and maintain a geospatial data infrastructure for what happens ‘where’ with an organisation’s data. This allows government to make informed evidence-based decisions when setting regulations, collecting taxes and providing public services. Throughout all our work with data and technology, our determination and innovation ensures that we provide our customers with the best solutions and help to facilitate a safer, smarter and more sustainable future for everyone.

Our Solutions

Rural Payments

It's essential that accurate payments are made, to support businesses & rural development, whilst preventing irregularities.

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Our solution provides automated, enterprise data management, enforced automated validation, human approval & conflict detection.

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Police Data Quality Hub

Improve location data accuracy and gain confidence in your police force data. Our Police Data Quality Hub enables you to take cont...

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Ensuring the electorate are fairly represented by delivering trusted constituency boundaries

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1Streetworks’ TMPA solution automates the often costly, time-consuming and error-prone process of planning works on the UK’s roads...

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Positional Accuracy Improvement

Our solution uses powerful algorithms and rules-based approach in 1Integrate to ensure the standards you need are achieved.

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Case Study

Automated data integration contributes to $5 billion saving for US Census

“This is a large, complex and mission-critical spatial database that is growing at 10-15% annually. There are huge demands from the user community for spatial and temporal accuracy and quality, together with stringent processing deadlines. We believe that 1Spatial’s solution will meet our expectations to build an agile, service orientated architecture, whilst reducing our storage requirements.”

Tim Trainor Geography Division Chief, US Census Bureau

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Government departments, at all levels, are the custodians of and users of accurate geospatial data.

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Unlocking Innovation

Download our eBook to learn more about the benefits of 1Spatial’s rules-based approach.

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Our comprehensive portfolio of products can help you automate the management of your spatial data.

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