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All data gets difficult with volume, but geospatial data is amongst the most complex.

How do you understand the state of your dispersed and dynamic, but mission-critical, location data? And, how can you actively manage this information for the greatest return on investment? In short, how do you make your data smarter?

Our consultants – recognised as experts across the industry – specialise in strategies for data management and the deployment of GIS solutions.


Our Expertise

“The individuals that we have worked with at 1Spatial have demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements as well as a profound grasp of data management and data integrity issues in a broader context.”

Malcolm Havercroft Head of Operations for Data Collection & Management, Ordnance Survey GB

1Spatial Professional Services – making your data smarter

We build long-term relationships with our clients, helping them to:

  • find new applications for data investments
  • meet emerging needs with existing data
  • create a data strategy that supports business objectives

Our consulting team covers two types of tasks:

  • Data
  • Deployment


We specialise in solving data problems, making your data smarter and freeing you to concentrate on the important task of running your business. Applying agile working principles, we work with key stakeholders in your organisation to understand your data and link it to your underlying business needs.

We combine innovative data review techniques, specialist tools and sprint methodology to assess data quality, improve understanding and model desired outcomes. With smarter, more agile data your business can make better decisions, faster.

We have become experts at helping our clients define and drive their Data Strategy. We help you define data quality goals, then audit and assess current quality against those. Using our data-management tools, we can then apply advanced algorithms and predictive techniques to improve data quality and reach those goals.


1Spatial consultants are, naturally, the leading experts on deploying 1Spatial technologies like 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway. We work with clients to install our solutions and configure them exactly to your needs. With our Training and Support teams, we can manage your entire project or simply offer expert input where required.

We also work on completely bespoke projects, using our knowledge and toolsets to develop unique solutions for unique situations. We deploy third party solutions, too. 1Spatial is a Platinum Value Added Reseller for Safe Software’s FME solution.

Breadth of skills

The professional services team at 1Spatial is always growing and evolving. We have a diverse set of skills to call upon – gained from the varied range of projects we have tackled, and a strategic commitment towards continual training.

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