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At 1Spatial we work on customers data problems which lend themselves well to being solved by a custom FME tool and when it’s appropriate, we build it and publish it to the FME Hub; the community location where you can share custom Transformers, Formats, Templates and lots more.

Here’s the details of a few of our free tools:


This Transformer performs a syntax validation test on the value of a specified postcode attribute, to identify if the postcode has a valid or invalid syntax based on the UK postal code rules. If the postcode is identified as valid the transformer checks the formatting of the postcode to ensure that all alphanumeric characters are uppercase and checks to ensure that the space is in the correct position between the inward and outward portions of the postcode. If the space is in the wrong place, this is automatically corrected. Invalid postcodes are rejected with a summary of the probable issue.

Download UKPostcodeValidator


This Transformer performs a syntax validation test on the value of a specified UK phone number attribute, to identify if the number has a valid or invalid syntax based on rules that define a valid UK Mobile or Landline phone number. Valid phone numbers will be reformatted into UK and International formatting and classified by type, whilst invalid numbers will have their failure reason highlighted for further scrutiny by the data analyst.

Download UKPhoneNumberValidator


The MessageLogger is designed to give some extra options beyond those available in the standard Logger transformer. One of five optional modes of operation is the main capability, that of issuing a blue standard FME “WARN” message into the log window that can be easily spotted by a user. Most importantly though this warning will be summarised at the bottom of the workspace log with any other warnings.

Download MessageLogger


The MultiChoiceParamSplitter is designed to convert the user-selected values of a “Choice (Multiple)” published parameter into a list attribute. We built this custom transformer to allow for much simpler reuse of this type of published parameter content.

Download MultiChoiceParamSplitter


The ChoiceWithAliasParamFetcher is designed to extract the choice and associated alias values of a published parameter in the current workspace. A new feature is created and output for each choice within each "Choice with Alias" published parameter.

Download ChoiceWithAliasParamFetcher


The SigFigRounder is designed to round numeric attribute values to a user-specified number of significant figures. Multiple attributes on a feature can be rounded at the same time, but with the limitation that the same number of significant figures must be used. The SigFigRounder also accepts the number of significant figures parameter as an attribute to allow for greater flexibility. Non-numeric, null and zero-value attribute values are passed through the transformer without rounding.

Download SigFigRounder

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