Smarter spatial data for next generation railways

Whether you are an engineer building HS2 or an operator planning for the Digital Railway, these are exciting times. As the rail industry embarks on the biggest programmes of rail modernisation since the Victorians, we can all look forward to rail network capacity increases of up to 40%.

Fundamental to this modernisation, is the need for good quality data, which in turn enables improved decision making.  However, data challenges can be wide spread within organisations or across supply chains, undermining your people’s ability to plan, build, maintain or operate in the modern age.

The requirements your stakeholders have of you now are complex and will continue to increase in complexity as the demands for greater automation and operational efficiencies increase.

Can you be sure that the spatial data you are using for digital signalling is complete and trust worthy?

Can you derive the variety of schematics needed across your organisation from the most up to date data automatically?

Can you effectively track and manage your data as it flows out of your organisation into your supply chain, and then back?

Complexity, managed poorly, can mean ballooning costs. Different systems and incompatible data take time to resolve, yet the market demands organisations and their people continuously evolve, by doing do more with less.

How can you integrate, manage, update and share spatial data so that it saves your people time and money?


1Spatial Underpins Web-based Mapping & Asset Management Solution at Network Rail

One of the UK’s largest infrastructure owners, Network Rail is currently undertaking a five-year £330million transformation programme to improve its approaches to acquisition, storage and usage of asset information.

As part of this programme of work, 1Spatial technology will visualise accurate, real time, asset information, which was previously stored in disparate legacy applications.

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Keeping your geospatial data on track

At 1Spatial, we are experts in the management of geospatial data. We understand the challenge of managing data across complex supply chains and ensuring that everyone shares the same “single view of the truth” in the format they require.

That could be real-time cartographic information delivered to a surveyor’s device in the field, or the on-demand generation of linear network schematics for track maintenance engineers.

Working with some of the largest geospatial databases in world, we help organisations like Network Rail, Ordnance Survey, The Ministry of Defence and the US Census Bureau manage their master data, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Time, especially expert time, is money and we focus on automation to help your people achieve more. Our automated rules-based technology and deep partnership approach helps organisations validate and quality-assure their geospatial data, minimising the requirement for manual intervention and freeing up their data experts to focus on innovation and value-add.

Encapsulating expert knowledge in repeatable business rules also preserves organisational knowledge, ensuring you don’t lose 40 years of experience when valuable employees retire.

Our solutions dramatically reduce the time and cost of managing an accurate database of location spatial data.

Data from different sources can be compared and the best bits of each accepted. Where data is incomplete – for example, missing information on asset construction or age – we can even use advanced data inference algorithms to fill the gaps.

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