Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Solution

Instantly check and verify the completeness and quality of your NG9-1-1 data

1Spatial’s Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution combines a powerful rules engine and data aggregator with a self-service cloud platform to support public safety entities in their data readiness needs. The unique rules-based process includes pre-configured criteria aligned to North America's NENA standards and State-specific requirements which identify exactly where the data requires adjustment, enabling users to immediately and accurately pinpoint problems and errors that can be rectified quickly.

Ensure Compliance with NENA Standards

The completeness and accuracy of data is essential in an NG9-1-1 project. The Solution has NENA standards already built-in to validate public safety data, ensuring the completeness and precision of the data.

Our built-in validation of non-conformances makes fixing data errors more efficient, allowing for the rapid identification and resolution of any non-conformances.

A manual process and synchronisation between different departments allows for data subjectivity. With the Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution, data validation is automated, removing any subjectivity that may arise from a manual process.

Key features

1Spatial’s Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution instantly checks and proves the completeness and quality of your NG9-1-1 spatial datasets before you deliver it to the State or provision it to your ESInet.

  • Clearly demarcates gaps, overlaps, and incomplete data
  • Converts local data to relevant State geospatial data schema
  • Exactly pinpoints problems/errors, within and between jurisdictions
  • Consistently measures progress over time as improvements are made
  • Provides a common platform for efficient data rollups, from cities and counties to a state level
  • Enables continuous, secure, and consistent data updates
  • Realises significant economies of scale
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for uploading data
Video Case Study

How 1Spatial helped the U.S. State of Minnesota with their NG9-1-1 Transition (10-Minute Watch)

“We could not have accomplished this without the support of 1Spatial.”

Sandi Stroud 9-1-1 Program Manager, U.S. State of Minnesota

Solution overview

  • The Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution is powered by a patented rules engine and user-friendly web portal.
  • The solution allows users to define and run business rules across multiple sources of data.
  • Rules can access both spatial and non-spatial data and can check the quality of the data or improve, enhance or transform it into a more accurate, trusted and useable form.
  • These rules are centrally managed so over time they evolve and contribute to an ever growing ‘knowledge repository’.
  • The solution is used for automated data validation, integration, correction, enhancement, and collaboration.
  • The web-based portal provides a secure, simple and controlled way to upload and validate data from multiple sources and formats, enabling data suppliers to securely access and upload their data from anywhere.

Deployment options

1Spatial offers two Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution options, a VaaS (Validation-as-a-Service) Solution and an Enterprise Solution:



300 + NG9-1-1 data validations (including fishbone analysis)

User-friendly web portal

Rapid processing speed

Spatial and tabular reports (validation results)

Supports evolving NENA standards and recommendations

Supports schema mapping of data into the NENA GIS Data Model

Able to configure new business rules

Change detection module

Cross-jurisdiction (statewide) data validations

Integrates with existing Enterprise GIS (and other) systems

Supports additional use cases (e.g. parcels, etc.)

Supports business intelligence (BI) systems/dashboarding

Supports custom schemas and layers

Supports other departments in the organisation (e.g. DOT, etc.)

Unlimited number of users (ideal for statewide and other larger government entities)

Quick deployment (1-2 months)

Quicker deployment (< 2 weeks)

How 1Spatial's NG9-1-1 technology is different

  • Speed to deployment: Unlike other providers, with 1Spatial's NG9-1-1 solution, an initial implementation can be stood up within a matter of weeks.
  • Configurability: The 1Spatial Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution has NENA standards pre-configured, and additional requirements can be incorporated rapidly.
  • Scalability and processing speed: Our technology can handle large volumes of data, from multiple data suppliers, without placing undue demands on internal storage and processing capabilities.
  • Track record: 1Spatial's Public Safety NG9-1-1 Solution is already being used by 7 U.S. states and Los Angeles County.
  • Ongoing support: Our solution supports the continual evolution of NENA standards as well as additional requirements that may arise in future.

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