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Our World Better

At 1Spatial we are an important part of the Geospatial Ecosystem where using and sharing data provides significant opportunities to support businesses and governments to deliver against important sustainability goals.

Our domain expertise and Location Master Data Management approach which is data and system agnostic allows us to be an integral and important part of this Ecosystem.  A good example of this is where we are working with our partner, Ordnance Survey, on a proof of concept to build a digital map of the UK’s energy system that uses the power of data to support a more efficient pathway to Net Zero.  A key driver of this map is for planning, managing and sharing the location of Electric Vehicle charging points and builds on the recommendations of the UK Government’s Energy Data Taskforce.

Our vision at 1Spatial is to “help our customers unlock the value of their location data” which could also be interpreted as “making better use of data that they already have”.  We help our customers do this by using our software tools to improve the quality of their data so it is fit for purpose within important use cases.  This is a huge economic efficiency for our customers as the cost and time to acquire new spatial data, for example through field collection, can often be very high and therefore have a negative impact on the environment.  Our 1Spatial suite of business applications together with those of our partners, can be deployed to make use of this data for specific business needs.

In the past we’ve seen a lot of these business needs around efficiencies or cost savings but more and more we are seeing the drivers of these solutions around sustainability, social matters, health and safety and regulatory compliance. Some examples of these include the following:

1Team - Making a Difference

Whether creating these specific customer business applications or supporting national mapping agencies so they can help manage the Covid-19 pandemic, our team delivers results that make a real difference to people’s lives.

As a member of the Geospatial Community, the natural world is an inspiration for the whole of the 1Spatial team.  We know that, together, we can make our world better.  We support our people who each year volunteer their time, energy and skills for global good causes. The Missing Maps Project, which aims to map the most crisis-prone parts of the world, and the humanitarian mapping charity, MapAction are two organisations that are particularly close to our hearts. We regularly participate in local, national and international charity fundraisers. Our team in the UK recently raised money to mark 72 years of the NHS.

Over the past few years, we have raised funds for charities such as Cancer Council, Care International, Red Nose Day, Save the Children, The Trussell Trust, MapAction, Macmillan Cancer Support, Oxfam, Age UK, Philippines Typhoon Appeal, WinterComfort and Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.