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Digital transformation revolves around smarter geospatial data

Telecommunication networks are fundamental enablers of digital disruption. As demand for data increases, your operational models must be reinvented to meet new requirements.  From backhaul optimisation to infrastructure sharing and smart homes, the opportunities come from many directions.  But realising this depends upon a broader and more in-depth understanding of your data than ever before. Is your geospatial data fit for purpose?

The benefits of accurate, complete and timely spatial data

  • Improve network performance – continuously optimise based on enhanced network intelligence
  • Maximise marketing effectiveness – build strategy and tactics on enriched behavioural insight
  • Cut fraud costs – identify and act on suspect behaviour patterns
  • Increase network efficiency – leverage existing capital investment
  • Enhance the client experience – deliver more robust connectivity and an improved level of service.

An across the board performance upgrade – built on better spatial data

The traditional voice and messaging business has stopped growing and the industry is reinventing itself on the back of the data wave.

Networks are evolving rapidly. Innovation in network technology and services is driven by ever-increasing demands on broadband speeds, and substantial improvements in operational performance are guided by the growing appetite for cloud-based network virtualization. Increased use of video has introduced new network architectures. 5G promises a step change in wireless connection capacity and highly granular location spatial data.

New revenue streams are appearing. The rapid growth of connected things is driving an increase in device end points. Smart home technology extends the network pipe beyond the traditional termination point, enabling a collection of new applications. Virtual and augmented reality applications add another dimension to the possibilities.

But with disruption comes a changing competitive landscape – telecommunications companies continually seek a stronger market advantage. As the business becomes more information-intensive it is increasingly necessary for you to create, maintain and leverage detailed and accurate geospatial data. Expanded use of probes and appliances is multiplying the availability of data in the network. Improved visibility of data enables managers to see how services are being used, identify what equipment is needed where and maximise the performance of your existing infrastructure. Location data brings together your customer and the network to reveal new insights about the customer experience.

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Our Solutions

Traffic Management Plan Automation

Our solution gives you the confidence that your traffic plans are created following the rules associated at road work sites.


Utility Network Migration

We can help you confidently migrate your ArcGIS® geometric network data, to the new ArcGIS Utility Network data model.

Utility Network Migration Utility Network Migration


Our solution provides a faster, data-driven approach for predicting and identifying assets that are at risk of losing product.

Leakage Leakage


Our solution uses powerful algorithms and a rules-based approach of 1Integrate to help you ensure the standards you need.


Incident Management

Designed for use on both mobile and desktop, our incident solution has the flexibility required to support throughout an incident.

Incident Management Incident Management

Automated Schematics

Automate the creation of complex diagrams, ensuring you always have access to the most up to date and consistent diagrams.

Automated Schematics Automated Schematics

Pipe Inference

Our pipe inference solution unlocks valuable insight into your network using rules-based data discovery, powered by 1Integrate.

Pipe Inference Pipe Inference