1Data Gateway

A portal for spatial and non-spatial data validation, processing and enhancement with no training.

1Data Gateway provides a web-based portal to a smart, simple and controlled way to deliver validation rules, correction and data enhancement processes for your users. 1Data Gateway can be deployed on a private cloud or on-premise.

Improve data accuracy and data integration across your organisation with 1Data Gateway. Its intuitive interface provides easy and secure access, enabling users to securely upload spatial and non-spatial data files and download the results generated by the underlying rules engine. 1Data Gateway hides the configuration details of the rules engine and delivers fast results to users with zero training. It can be used to provide a data validation or processing portal to your external or internal end-users and provides analytics and a dashboard of the quality of the submitted data over time.

Powerful capability

1Data Gateway lets administrators control the set of rules or actions that a user can access. When the user logs in, they simply select the deliverable they want to work on and drag one or more files onto the page, press play and then access the results. The results are available both in a map view and as a downloadable GIS file containing either the validation non-conformances (for validation rules) or the processed data (for enhancement actions).

When a user selects a deliverable, they see the rules to be run and can drag or pick data to upload using spatial and non-spatial data files.

When run, the user can see validation statistics and results and, when geospatial data is present, open a map view of the results or download them as a GIS file.

Administration and control

Administrators create projects and assign users to these projects. Each project contains specifications defining the validation rules or enhancement actions that the users can access.

Projects can be configured by administrators to use additional data stores as context when running the process. These allow contextual data to be used within the rules, and allow a master data set to be updated based on the uploaded data.

With each specification, administrators have the option of providing users with a downloadable document which describes
the schema requirements for the data to be uploaded, descriptive details on the rules or enhancements which will be run and any other project-specific information.

User centric interface

  • Online help is available to guide users through the user interface
  • Validate the data returning a report showing exactly which features failed, where the failure happened and for what reason
  • Enhance the data to correct, improve, infer, transform or integrate it, returning the enhanced data
  • Validate submitted data either returning a validation report or, if valid, uploading the data to the receiver’s system

Comprehensive dashboard

Whenever rules are run, the result statistics are stored, and a dashboard is available to the administrator showing the data quality statistics for each project. This allows administrators to see how the quality of data from a particular project or organisation changes over time.

Quality metadata is stored in a standard database and accessible through a REST API to third party BI applications and dashboards for further analysis.

  • Project performance – Total number of valid or invalid features overall (bar chart)
  • Performance trend for each project – Percentage of non-conformances over time (linear graph)
  • Submissions over time – How much data and what was the quality of each submission? Valid and invalid feature count per submission over time (bar chart)
  • How many times is each rule checked and how often is the rule failed? – Total valid and invalid feature count per rule (bar chart)
  • Which rules cause the most problems? – Percentage of all failures caused by each rule (pie chart)

Security and user management

1Data Gateway can be configured for secure HTTPS access with a security certificate. Only authorised users can access the system and they can only run the sessions that have been allocated to them by an administrator.


1Data Gateway works closely with 1Integrate. This means that all the power, performance and scalability of 1Integrate is available via 1Data Gateway. 1Integrate engines are used to process requests and additional engines can easily be added to 1Integrate to scale up and achieve high performance even under heavy use.

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