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Cloud Deployment - Technical Specification

Why should I use 1Spatial's cloud deployment?

Simplify your deployments and shorten your time-to-value by accessing 1spatial products via our cloud deployment. Software maintenance and updates are completely managed by our cloud team, with no upfront infrastructure costs.

Where is 1Spatial cloud deployment hosted?

1Spatial have environments in the UK and US

What cloud platform do 1Spatial use?

Our products run on Microsoft Azure; however, they can also be used on other cloud deployments like Amazon Web Services

What kind of cloud platform do 1Spatial have?

By default, our cloud is multi-tenant. All customers use the latest versions of 1Spatial Products

How do 1Spatial ensure a secure platform?

1Spatial follows a multi-faceted model to ensure security. These include:

  • Following best practice as recommended by ISO 27001
  • Granular user access control
  • Encryption of data in flight and at rest
  • All outbound connections via HTTPS only using port 443
  • Retention of user logs for service diagnostics
  • Data retention and archival policies in compliance with GDPR
  • Are a member of the UK Governments Cyber Security Plus Scheme

What support policy does 1Spatial have?

1Spatial has a support desk open during business hours (UK, EU, and US hours, depending on the product in question). Bugs and issues are triaged, and dealt with under the following SLAs:

  • Tier 1: Response within 1 hour
  • Tier 2: Response within 8 hours
  • Tier 3: Response within 24 hours

What environments do 1Spatial have?

Users by default have access to a trial and a production environment

What 1Spatial products are available via the cloud?

Our cloud deployment supports the following products

Products are by default based in the EU unless otherwise stated. For more information, and for more information on our products, please contact a 1Spatial Sales Representative.