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1Integrate for ArcGIS ensures compliance of your data for use across the enterprise.

1Integrate for ArcGIS provides automated data validation and enhancement for the ArcGIS platform and is available on ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop and Esri Mobile applications such as Collector and Survey123 for ArcGIS. For those using ArcGIS software, 1Integrate for ArcGIS allows you to assess the quality of your data to ensure it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose. It also performs data re-engineering tasks, such as cleaning data, transforming data or creating new data from existing data assets.

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Validate data and highlight errors

Have control, consistency and confidence in your data with the addition of our rules engine capabilities to your ArcGIS workflows

  • Pinpoint the exact location of errors in features failing validation rules
  • Apply business rules automatically and efficiently to spatial and non-spatial data to improve data accuracy
  • Benefit from compliance of data across your enterprise
  • Save time and money by applying ‘on-the-fly’ data validation and enhancement rules to data captured in house or in the field

Data enhancement for improved decision making

Ensure accurate decision-making and align regulatory compliance by utilising the data enhancement features of 1Integrate for ArcGIS.

  • Apply rules-based data re-engineering tasks to automate the creation and update of datasets
  • Save time and drive efficiency by using rules-based automated data management

Simple integration with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

The desktop version of 1Integrate for ArcGIS gives you and your data editors the confidence to make edits, thanks to the use of validation rules to ensure data consistency 

  • Provides data quality and integration for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro)
  • Run managed business rules against a variety of supported data sources, including shape files and file geo databases using ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

Validation and enhancement across your ArcGIS Server Platform

Take control across your organisation with the enterprise edition of 1Integrate for ArcGIS. Use the server edition to centrally manage and apply data quality and integration across your enterprise.

  • Provides enterprise data quality and integration for the ArcGIS Server Platform
  • Run centrally managed business rules against published Map Services within Web Applications, ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro
  • Apply rules-based data re-engineering tasks to automate the creation and update of disparate datasets

Powerful capabilities in a mobile package

Take the power of our validation capabilities into your field operations with 1Integrate for ArcGIS mobile, working to support your suite of Esri Mobile applications. 

  • An extension for 1Integrate for ArcGIS – Server Edition
  • Allows users of Esri Mobile applications (Collector, Survey123) to apply ‘on-the-fly’ data validation and enhancement rules to data within published Map Services
  • Additionally, the ‘on-the-fly’ capability can also be enabled for Map Services accessed via Web Apps and ArcGIS Pro

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