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A revolution in spatial data editing, built for consistency and efficiency.

1Edit is a powerful spatial vector data editing application which enables you to quickly and effectively edit 2D and 2.5D real-world data, with a high level of quality assurance. Its flexible design means it can be used either in the field with a touch screen and survey devices, or in an office using a mouse and keyboard. 1Edit ensures that your data is correctly aligned and connected, provides automatic editing of shared geometry and highlights any features that do not conform to your business rules, as defined using 1Integrate.

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Edit data with confidence and speed

1Edit is a powerful editing tool with an interface designed to optimise your data editing workflows. The fast, fluid and intuitive user experience reduces the requirement for training time for the fast upskilling of your staff. 

  • Edit 2D and 2.5D vector data in the office and in the field, using powerful and productive editing tools
  • Intelligent topological editing maintains data connectivity
  • Update automatically calculated shared boundaries between features with a single edit
  • Manage rich real-world hierarchical data models: Features with multiple geometries, nested values, multiple cardinality attributes and aggregate features
  • Apply user-defined data maintenance behaviours to perform tasks automatically as you edit, such as setting metadata attributes
  • Settings can be pre-defined in a template project that is distributed to your team so that configurations are automatically applied across your enterprise

A flexible approach to data sources and survey integration

1Edit has a wide range of support for data sources, and can integrate with your tooling. It fits seamlessly into your existing workflows and can ingest data from GPS or Total Station devices, along with support foindustry standard data formats. 

  • Integrate with GPS or Total Station field data collection devices such as Leica GPS1200 or Leica TPS1200
  • Use GeoTiff or WMTS imagery/ortho photography as a backdrop
  • Read data in rich formats such as GML, write back changes only

Validate for data confidence

1Edit can take advantage of powerful rules authored in 1Integrate to validate data on-the-fly, ensuring it meets the standards you set.

  • Import rules that have been authored in 1Integrate
  • Apply the validation rules on-the-fly as data is edited
  • Open server-side non-conformance reports to allow users to correct the validation issues found within jobs submitted through the 1Spatial Management Suite

Save Time and Cost

Take advantage of the full potential of 1Edit to improve efficiency and cost saving for your operations and optimise the quality of your data.

  • Save time and money on data capture because of the inbuilt validation and powerful editing tools
  • Reduce training costs by using a single application in the office and in the field
  • Store and edit your data in a richer, future-proof way enabling delivery of flexible and valuable data to your clients

Manage data from planning through to submission

1Edit is designed to work with the 1Spatial Management Suite (1SMS) and performs the data editing step within the overall management of your location data. 

  • 1Edit integrates with the 1Spatial Management Suite via a worklist job manager for taking up and loading data, and for packaging and submitting changes
  • When long transaction conflicts are detected by 1Transact, 1Edit helps the user discover and resolve the conflicts at a feature and property level 

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