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Clean and correct your data automatically

Understanding the condition of your data is important, but fixing it is vital. Poor data quality can mean bad business decisions and requires a time-consuming, expensive and often manual project to put it right.

Our approach to this challenge is different. Our technology can report the current condition of your data but it can repair it, too. Even better, we can set up a process of continuous, automated improvement that gets your data clean, then keeps it clean.

Altogether, we offer a smarter way to smarter data.

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How 1Spatial can help

Pioneers in location master data management, we enrich and enhance location data (also known as geospatial data), enabling critical decision making and improved data governance. Our powerful technology helps organisations take cost-effective control of their spatial and non-spatial data throughout its lifecycle, making it fit for purpose, compliant, and of a consistent quality. We do this by automating the data validation, auditing, cleansing, synchronising and maintenance of data across the entire data ecosystem, enabling better decisions and greater insights.

Automate complex, time-consuming and manual processes

We work with you to establish the data quality level you require to be fit for purpose. We then help you develop user-defined and user-managed data quality rules that will find and fix quality issues.

Once created, rules will run against your data repairing all the common errors and flagging the difficult exceptions for manual correction.

The rules – held in a single central repository –then become an automated, repeatable process that can clean and correct newly acquired data to prevent bad data polluting your dataset. The quality levels can be recorded over time to provide important metrics to enable measurements for continuous improvement.

With a shorter time to usable data, and a faster route to user-trust, 1Spatial technology makes your data both cleaner and smarter.

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Video: Data Cleansing Using Our Rules Engine

1Integrate is our patented rules engine to automatically validate, correct, transform and integrate spatial and non-spatial enterprise data

Geospatial data cleansing and assurance

Spatial data is often distributed across multiple systems and in different standards and formats.  Difficulties arise when businesses try to bring together spatial data or integrate it with further data from across the organisation.  Gaps and errors are widespread, exposing the data decline spiral – where poor quality reduces usage, causing quality to decrease further – a constant risk.

Companies typically tackle these challenges with manual labour, which is costly and error prone.  When the geospatial data maintenance team becomes overloaded by the volume of change, the business is forced to operate on information that is months or even years out of date.  Costs can be saved by outsourcing data management, but often quality is poor, and monitoring or validation is complex.

Data cleansing and governance

Knowledge-based automation by 1Spatial enables both data cleansing and enduring data management, with minimal manual intervention.  Standardised rules for record management and automated procedures customised for your situation deliver a more accurate, complete and up-to-date database.

Free Download: How to improve spatial data quality

In our free guide on Spatial Data Quality, we look at how organisations are beginning to treat data quality as an ongoing process using best practice guidance combined with powerful automation technology.

Case study

Northumbrian saves £8.75 million with digital asset management and mapping

“There is no doubt that the operation of locating and mapping the TDS network has been radically transformed and improved through the iterative application of the 1Integrate product. The costs and timescales of the activity have both been drastically reduced through this innovative approach.”

Mike Madine Sewerage and New Development Manager, Northumbrian Water

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