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Listen as our team of experts, and industry guests, explore the latest in geospatial innovation, data trends, how you can enhance your organisations' data and the latest from 1Spatial.

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Episode 3: AI - Machine Learning

In this episode, 1Spatial's CPO Bob Chell and CTO Seb Lessware discuss machine learning and where it fits into the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. Bob and Seb will cover how we plan to take advantage of this at 1Spatial and some scenarios we have been investigating so far.

Episode 2: Technology Future Trends

In this episode, 1Spatial's CPO Bob Chell and CTO Seb Lessware discuss emerging technology trends in geospatial data management. Seb covers his top three; sensors and mobile devices, machine learning and automation, and cloud services and data economy.

Episode 1: Data Quality

This week's speakers: Bob Chell, CPO & Seb Lessware, CTO explore "What we mean by 'Data Quality' and why it matters."

Data quality is an important part of data governance and means ensuring your data is fit for its intended use.

No data is a perfect reflection of the real world so organisations typically decide what level of quality is acceptable. What is key is to define rules to automate the process of managing data quality, both for master data sources and also when it is supplied to a data portal or hub

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