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Careful and automated data governance and management is at the heart of everything we do

Our Location Master Data Management (LMDM) software and solutions revolutionise this process, delivering significant time and cost savings whilst crucially giving you confidence and trust in your data. By providing a real-world understanding of your challenges and opportunities, we can work with you to deliver accurate and valuable information to your users and customers.

Our 1Spatial Platform is a complete set of LMDM software components, which combine servers, portals, dashboards, SDKs, APIs, data connectors, business-focused applications and our patented 1Integrate rules engine.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products


Automated data validation, cleansing, transformation and enhancement for your data.

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1Data Gateway

The self-service web-portal for spatial data validation, processing and analytics.

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1Integrate 3D

Delivers a master data management approach for managing 3D data alongside 2D/2.5D data in a single data processing environment.

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1Integrate for ArcGIS

Ensure compliance of your data for use across the enterprise.

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Quickly and effectively edit spatial data with a high level of quality assurance.

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Automatically create multiple smaller-scale data products from large-scale data sources.

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1Spatial Management Suite

Efficiently and consistently plan, maintain and publish your data, whilst automating your production workflows.

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1Spatial LMAP

A mobile platform that can build easy-to-use, flexible apps to enable spatial data collection.

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Model, manage and operate your water and wastewater networks with ease.

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VertiGIS Studio

Transform the process of designing, building and maintaining web-based mapping applications.

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Quickly and easily translate data into hundreds of different formats. Restructure, reformat and integrate your data.

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Together we can build stronger data foundations

Operating at the intersection of two growing global markets, GIS (geospatial information systems) and MDM (master data management), our Location Master Data Management approach unlocks the value of geospatial data - for a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.

We can help you take control of your clients' data throughout its lifecycle, making it fit for purpose, compliant, and of a consistent quality, enabling critical decision-making and improved data governance.