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Smarter spatial data for smarter roads

Roads and highways are a nation’s busiest transport network. In the UK, 90% of passenger miles and 65% of freight miles are travelled by road. In the US, the figures are 87% and 40%.

Well-mapped, congestion-free roads are important to a country’s economic performance.

But, responsibility is frequently split over several regional and functional agencies: mapping, maintenance, traffic control and environmental impact.

We help road management agencies create and manage a current, holistic view of their national or state road networks.

Build a holistic, consistent and current view of your highways data

Our automated, rules-based solutions for geospatial data management turn data merging, error checking and edge-matching from time-consuming, manual tasks into repeatable routines. We automatically fix common problems, ensure compliance with standards and identify issues that require expert attention.

You can be sure that you have an authoritative, complete and current view of your highways network. And, that makes it easier to integrate other data sets such as traffic density data, speed limits, roadworks, pollution levels or any other information.

You can share information with partner agencies and automatically validate data updates received from them so that everyone is working from the same, up-to-date view.

The Arizona Department of Transportation recently purchased our 1Integrate product to automate the validation and integration of roads information from 32 different sources to support its annual submissions of Certified Public Road Mileage and ARNOLD data to the FHWA.

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Fundamental to rail network modernisation is the need for good quality data, which in turn enables improved decision making.

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We specialise in the fast and accurate validation of spatial data and the automated generation of working charts from this data.

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Accurate spatial and non-spatial information is imperative for effective delivery of complex infrastructure engineering projects.

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Ecology Services

Our solution gives you the power to instantly verify the quality, completeness, and reliability of your ecological survey data.

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Supply Chain Data Quality

Our solution allows you to drive data quality and consistency into extended supply chains to ensure data is validated at source be...

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Highway Performance Monitoring System

Our HPMS solution uses a rules-based approach to implement the HPMS validation rules into your network data.