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Make your asset data available, findable, accessible, interoperable, trustworthy and legal

Our modern Asset Register Solution builds on our expertise in validation and data processing to provide full end to end data management that gives you confidence in the quality and consistency of your Asset Register.

From design and modelling, data upload from asset owners, through to delivery and observability, the components of our Asset Register Solution manage every task that you need.

The Challenges of managing an Asset Register

We've handled plenty of complex projects managing large Asset Registers, and understand the challenges you face:

  • Data can be fragmented and hard to retrieve at regular intervals
  • The published data model is complex and difficult to understand
  • Setting up a transformation process can be technically challenging
  • Data can be rejected without clear reporting detailing the reasoning

The Benefits of our approach

Using our innovative Asset Register Solution, you can:

  • Provide a self-service data submission service for automatic data validation and transformation.
  • Report on data quality issues and data that does not conform to requirements.
  • Foster data integrity and provide stakeholders with security-based, appropriate access to the spatial data they need.
  • Observe how the Asset Register is being used, who is doing what, and when.
  • Exchange data in an interoperable, appropriate, efficient and secure way that respects the rights of data owners.
  • Allow access of data on a variety of devices and platforms including mobile, e.g., smartphones and tablets.

Our Principles

The Little Book of Spatial Data Infrastructures

In our free Comprehensive Guide to Spatial Data Infrastructures, you can discover:

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) success factors 
  • How SDIs are helping the Environment Agency UK to manage the risk of flooding
  • The key principles of SDIs
  • SDI development at the State of Michigan Dept of Technology, Management and Budget
  • SDIs and Digital Twins
  • Improving digital and data services at Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland

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