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Creating a sustainable future

The impact of climate change is being felt by communities around the world. The United Nations has drawn attention to sustainability on the international stage by creating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and facilitating the COP26 conference.

Location data and sustainability

Creating opportunities for sustainable development, mitigating environmental damage, and reducing emissions are all underpinned by location data. The underlying geographic element to these problems means that spatial analysis and data accuracy need to be at the forefront of your decision-making processes.

As part of this, creating and maintaining authoritative data sets is vital, especially when it comes to making critical, evidence-based decisions. Having confidence in your location data enables you to make the best judgements, helping to deliver services ranging from public safety to national infrastructure with sustainability and climate change in mind.

Ultimately, understanding that decisions based on location intelligence can have real world consequences means having confidence in your data is vital for efficient operation.

Our approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

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Collaborating to achieve sustainability and climate action goals

We collaborate with partners around the world to provide solutions that help reach sustainability and climate action goals, whether by improving efficiency, maximising confidence in data or by developing solutions that directly contribute to climate action and net zero.  Below we touch on some of the UN Sustainable Development and COP26 goals and emphasise the need for authoritative and quality assured location intelligence.UN Sustainable Development Goals

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We are striving to make the world more sustainable, safer and smarter for the future.

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