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Add power to your data

Automate the assessmentenhancement and governance of spatial and non-spatial data at speed and at scale.

With our simple, no-code technology we help you work smarter, not harder.

Trusted by 1,000+ organisations to build strong data foundations, unlocking the value of location data for confident and informed decision-making.

How we can help

  • Data quality - Our no-code rules engine 1Integrate can validate how well your data conforms to business-critical standards or requirements and provides reports to indicate where corrections are needed.
  • Data cleansing - Our technology can automatically repair errors, inconsistencies and gaps in your data and create a process for continuous, automated improvement.
  • Data enhancement - We can help you make most of your data by combining the best of various datasets - even if the data exists in different forms and systems - keeping your data fit for purpose.
  • Data management - We can help you to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of data management and governance by making data management a consistent, repeatable process.

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How can we help you?

We've collaborated with more than 1,000 organisations across the globe.

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Why choose 1Spatial?

We help customers make better business decisions and move forward to a smarter world by unlocking the value of location data.

Safer, smarter and more sustainable

We enable our customers to make critical decisions by unlocking the value of location/ geospatial data for a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.


Our technology and services are being used to contribute to a safer society.


Our solutions help to make informed, evidence-based decisions when setting regulations and collecting taxes, in future modelling and for providing more efficient services.


We support data platforms and digital twins for modelling green decisions and reducing carbon emissions as clients move to alternative energy sources for Net Zero objectives.

An Introduction to 1Spatial Solutions and Technology

Watch how our technology is enabling organisations across the globe to unlock the value of their geospatial data.

Our Partners

We partner with major technology consultancies and GIS providers such as ESRI, Atkins, Version 1, QinetiQ and Landmark. Find out more about partnering with us. Our partners include tech consultancies, systems integrators, software developers, professional services firms and geospatial specialists.

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Flexible deployment: SaaS, on-Premise or hybrid

In addition to making sure the 1Spatial Platform has the right technical functionality, we also make sure our customers can access it in a fast, secure and cost-effective way. Cloud deployment means customers can get access to our software and tools almost instantly.

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Our software and solutions deliver significant time and cost savings whilst crucially giving you confidence and trust in your data...

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We provide our customers with the best solutions to facilitate a safer, smarter and more sustainable future for everyone.

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Keep up to date with who we're working with, how we're doing it, what we're up to and where we are.

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