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Britain’s electricity and gas network operators have joined together to launch a ground-breaking proof-of-concept project that uses the power of data to support a more efficient pathway to Net Zero.

Building on the recommendations of the UK government’s Energy Data Taskforce, Energy Networks Association (ENA) is working with Ordnance Survey (OS) and 1Spatial to build an in-depth digital system map of the UK’s energy system. This proof-of-concept project will test the model ENA is developing for a full National Energy System Map which will include network assets, generators, and energy intensive users.

Network data from all Britain’s electricity and gas network operators will be pulled into an integrated, digital energy system map covering the entirety of Great Britain. The map will provide customers with information about energy network assets, where those assets are located as well as who owns them.

Making this information available will significantly improve investment decisions, support new markets like the UK’s world-leading local flexibility market, and help bring new renewable connections to the energy networks. A fully integrated, scalable and secure data sharing platform is also the first step towards developing a National Energy System Map.

The value of accurate and trusted geospatial data is recognised across the energy industry and ENA’s project is another example of where location data can enable companies to improve data sharing and support their digital transformation journeys.

OS has a long history of working with the utility sector delivering trust and confidence through its world class data and expertise to the energy networks. Using 1Spatial’s extensive utility data management experience, the OS and 1Spatial teams will collaborate to deliver a trusted digital system for the market.

Driven by decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation, the digital system map is an important way that energy networks operators can serve their customers by helping them develop quicker, more efficient, and cheaper ways to deliver a cleaner energy system.

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation at Energy Networks Association which represents the UK and Ireland’s energy networks businesses said:

“This ground-breaking project proves how we can harness the power of data to deliver the technologies which will define the industry’s net zero future.

"Providing more transparency of the electricity and gas networks will help companies in and out of the energy industry to make investment decisions more intelligently. Crucially it can support emerging markets and help projects like new renewables sites or electric vehicle fleets connect to the networks.”

Munir Ismet, Managing Director of Ordnance Survey Geospatial Solutions, adds:

"At OS we have a deep understanding of the different technologies and data held by Energy Network Operators and we look forward to combining our accurate geospatial information with our expertise in data management to deliver a dynamic and trusted platform which will enable the greater sharing of critical information.

"Both in the UK and internationally we are seeing location data helping to tackle environmental challenges and supporting the drive towards net zero. We are delighted to be supporting this exciting project which will deliver significant benefits to the environment, utility sector and end customers."

1Spatial CEO, Claire Milverton, commented:

"We are delighted to be delivering the transformational National Energy Systems Map in collaboration with the ENA and Ordnance Survey, using the power of data to support a more efficient pathway to net zero. This builds on 1Spatial’s experience delivering the London Underground Asset Register project, as we continue to help pioneer the implementation of Location Master Data Management at a national scale. The contract exemplifies the breadth and depth of 1Spatial’s capabilities as a leader in data management and migrations. 1Spatial is committed to providing dynamic market offerings that utilise our world leading data management capabilities, partnering with market leaders like Ordnance Survey is crucial to this.”

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